This is a list of proper Transformice "etiquette". This does not necessarily involve being "nice", but rather has to do with what is "expected" of you.


  • If there are only 3 mice (including you) left on the map, wait for the other mice to get near the hole. The reason for this is that after there are only 2 mice left, the "Time left" will reset to 20 seconds, possibly not enough time for the other mice.


  • Do not begin to place an item and subsequently stop. Mice may jump expecting to know the timing of when the item will spawn but may fall instead.


  • Let at least 1 person go in (usually the only person who has "survived")


  • If you are currently playing as a guest, it is considered polite to not go in the hole first if there are over 11 mice, since guests cannot collect "firsts", and so it is then stolen. You may show your prowess by jumping over the hole / waiting next to it letting in others and getting a lower place.