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Epiphany 2016, also known as the Epiphany Adventure, was the second adventure of 2016. 

The Cold Winter 2015 map was no longer active along with this adventure.


In the event map, players had to collect cheesecake pieces Inventory item #2224 and deliver them to King Fromagnus. One was able to deliver the cheesecake slice by clicking on him. Mice could only collect 1 cheesecake piece per map.

On the event map, players had to race to collect cheesecake slices before everyone else, although there were usually plenty to go around. Once a cheese in a certain area of the map was obtained by 1 mouse, no one else was able to collect it that round. To make it even more challenging, this map enabled the meep command, which allowed a mouse to push other mice away by pressing Space. To avoid the trolling that occurred in the Easter 2014 event, cheesecake slices were given a fixed location, so they were all accessible, nonetheless some being easier to reach than others.

When a cheesecake was given to the king, participants earned a random consumable, as well as any other event rewards one earned (see below). If the consumable that the king planned on giving the recipient was capped in their inventory, they were rewarded nothing. 3 random cheesecake slices on a given map also contained the Inventory item #2225 charm, which if obtained, will earn the « King's Cake »(378) title. Starting the last 2 days of the event, bringing cheesecake to the king also possibly rewarded 1, 5, or 10 Inventory item #800 cheese currency consumables. When used, it gave 1 shop cheese (does not affect stats).


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

The Epiphany is not only a real-world holiday, but now it's been discovered that it's also celebrated in the world of Transformice, only adapted to suit the game.

It began with a harsh voyage taken by the Three Shaman Queens, a matriarchy that represents the three basic shaman skills. After the treacherous journey had ended, possibly prematurely due to the guidance of the Cheese Moon, the Queens presented their gifts to Elisah.

The tradition lives on to the present day, but in the form of pampering King Fromagnus with king cake, and in return participants are given prizes.

One question remains and was not proven within the historical accounts of the Epiphany. It is said that one of the Queens mistook a slice of king cake for cheese, but it could have possibly been both (by it having had been a cheesecake). Because of this, it isn't known whether or not the king cake in Fromagnus' castle is even king cake for that matter, assuming the same 'gift' is being given in this adventure.


This event took place on a single map. To play the event, mice had to search the interior of the castle. Cheesecake slices spanned along the whole castle, inaccessible to the king. Note that all slices were fixed and static, so they were always reachable, or obtainable. To complete the event, mice had to collect 50 cheesecake slices and earn the hidden charm. If one gave King Fromagnus a slice that did not contain the charm, the king will have given them a random consumable, a new one being the angel mouse pet. As one gave the king slices, their inventory stacked the slice consumables, showing the amounts of them given for future reference.

Event specific
Image Name Description
Inventory item #2224 Cheesecake Slice Collect it on the adventure map to give to King Fromagnus by clicking on him.
Inventory item #2225 Charm 3 random cheesecake slices on a map will contain this. Finding this will earn the « King's Cake »(378) title.


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2224 Reward
5 « Whitebeard »(242)
10 Cartouche #5
20 Badge #71
40 « Polar Mouse »(352)
Inventory item #2225 Reward
1 « King's Cake »(378)


These were random rewards for returning cheesecake slices to the king. If one gave King Fromagnus a cheesecake slice but no consumable, it was because "you already had a full stack of what he intended to give you, silly hoarder :p" - Melibellule.[3]


Image Name Effect Obtain
Inventory item #34 Angel Mouse Gives you an angel pet that follows you everywhere. Bring pie pieces to King Fromagnus.
Inventory item #800 Cheese Gives you 1 shop cheese (does not affect stats).


Inventory item #19 Inventory item #22 Inventory item #5 Inventory item #2 Inventory item #3 Inventory item #24 Inventory item #28 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #25 Inventory item #23 Inventory item #21 Inventory item #31 Inventory item #30


New items

Fur badge


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Fur #55 King Fur 6500 400 Tango Tick1.png
Mouth item #49 Cheesecake Mouth 150 40 Tango Tick1.png
Head item #132 Crown Head 1000 100 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #98 Simba Hair Head 400 40
Eye item #19 Skull Eyes 500 50
Ear item #23 Icicle Earring Ear 10
Head item #113 Red Bobble Hat Head 40
Head item #104 Icecube Head 60
Fur #19 Moon Fur 400


  • Starting on Adventure 2, a guest artist had begun contributing to the graphic elements of Transformice.[4]
  • The « King's Cake »(378) title was initially bugged and was unobtainable. This was fixed the next day.
  • Ironically the cheesecake is commonly known as a pie or just cake.
  • The charm was originally only obtainable at most once per event map. This was later changed to 2 times half way through event. It was then changed to 3 for the last two days of event.
  • It was possible to move the king using consumables, but it was impossible to drop him in the moat.
  • It was possible to die at the castle's moat.




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