Elise is an NPC resident of 801 Town. She stands next to her husband[1] Papaille. Their names are present in the playerlist.

Elise and Papaille were based on two mice owned by Atelier 801. However, Elise died (Papaille is now dead too) and this was reflected in-game. Elise used to sleep in the room while Papaille cried, but now Elise and Papaille do nothing other than stand still.

Store Edit

Elise operates a store whose contents change every day. Based on the store log it appears the store is stocked randomly with the following criteria:

  • Things in the "always" section below always appear for the same price.
  • There's always at least one option for each coin type accepted (not counting "always" items).
  • Not counting "always" items, there can be between 4 and 7 items for a given day.
  • Both items and their prices are a random value between 1 and 5.
  • All consumables have a chance to appear except for:
    • All coins/currencies
    • Inventory 7 Fortune Cookies1
    • Untradeable Skins1

1) This is speculation as you cannot prove a negative, but do not appear in the log and would make sense not to be included.

Currencies AcceptedEdit

Shaman Racing Survivor Bootcamp
Inventory 2253 Inventory 2254 Inventory 2260 Inventory 2261


Despite having a shop that's reset every day, the following item is always available for the same price.

Cost Reward
1Inventory 2253 5Inventory 21


Shaman 2016Edit

Elise, along with Papaille, appears in the Shaman 2016 adventure in village rooms. You can buy consumables from Elise.
Elise shop window


  1. In the Valentine's Day 2014 in the news it says "Take your date to another level. As Papaille and Elise did, ask your lover’s hand in marriage and share your love with the entire community. Click on the “marriage” button (available in the friendlist) to marry your soulmate."