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In Easter 2017, also known as Elisah 2017, Elisah, being in a jokingly mood, decided to replace the Easter bunny.

She has dropped various artifacts across various maps which give different effects for your mouse. Your goal is to bring the cheese and the artifact back to the mouse hole to unlock adventure points and other rewards.


For each adventure, every action will allow you to cumulate the adventure points and obtain exclusive titles and badges!

Your feats are saved in this special interface and your total adventure points will be shown in your profile. Your adventure points appear right under your current title.


Event specific
Image Name Limit
Collectible #43 Collision When taking this artifact, your mouse will crash against the other mice.
Collectible #42 Slowness Your mouse is super slow: watch out for the timer!
Collectible #41 Ouch Your mouse may die if falling from too high!
Collectible #39 Friction Your mouse is now a figure skater and slips on every surface! You lose your ability to wall jump.
Collectible #38 Weight Your mouse becomes heavier: they might break the more fragile Shaman constructions!
Collectible #40 No jump Your mouse cannot jump! The Shaman will have to be twice as careful to help you reach the mouse hole.

* The anvil does not actually drag you, make you slower, or make it harder to wall jump. It just weighs down a shaman's build when you are standing on it. This may cause the shaman’s build or a regular map to completely be destroyed.


Cost Reward
2 completed collections « Shrewd Mouse »(420)
4 completed collections Badge #181
6 completed collections « Artefacts Mistress »(421)

To complete a collection, you need to get thirty-one types of the same artifact. To verify how many artifacts do you have in a collection you have to use the new calendar system, which can be found in your profile. Hover over the artifact image to see how many you have collected. Alternatively, use the command "/calendar" to open the adventure system.

When you go back to the mouse hole with a piece of cheese and an artifact, you will earn up to three random consumables, including one cheese coin, as well as 1 "point" on your event calendar corresponding to the type of artifact you collected.

New Items[]

Easter 2017 new items.jpg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #85 Cockatiel Fur 5500 400 Badge #180
Mouth item #59 Baguette Mouth 250 40
Hair style #22 Hair 300 40


  • This is the first new adventure in 2017.
  • This is the first event to use the adventure calendar system.



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