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Easy PvP is a multi-player minigame. In each Easy PvP map, two shamans are chosen, and they are able to fight to death. The two shamans battle until one gets 6 points more than the other, and wins the game. There is no specific number of maps during the range of the two shamans. When one wins, two more are chosen, and this continues on until there are only two mice left in the room. Normal mice are automatically killed as they get in the way.



You can't really do anything until it is your turn to battle with your opponent. While you are waiting, cheer on the shaman you want to win. Extra support is almost always appreciated!


Each session two shamans will be chosen. If you are one of them, be prepared for a ruthless battle. It is either death or victory in this minigame. An easy way to win over the other shaman is to spam cannonballs. You can do this by pressing the cannonball picture (out of the items you can summon) as fast as you can. This will shoot multiple bombs at one time and is an easy way for your victory.