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Easter 2016 is the fifteenth adventure of 2016. This adventure, like in the Normal and Vanilla game modes, requires the shaman to help the mice collect the cheese. However, in the event map, the mice have giant eggs on their back, which makes them heavier, and Normal mode players only have access to two B nails. When a player brings the cheese to the hole, they will receive a golden ticket (the new adventure currency), which can be exchanged for prizes with Event NPCs in Village rooms.

If players find themselves with all of the rewards for this adventure, they may continue to obtain golden tickets to spend on later adventures.



Event specific
Image Name
Inventory item #2257 Golden Ticket

New consumables[]

Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2256 Red Paintbrush Lets you draw on the map with a red color in a limited radius until the round ends or until you die


New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
10Inventory item #2257 « Little Bell »(393)(New)
20Inventory item #2257 « Chocobunny »(255)
30Inventory item #2257 Badge #7
Cost Reward
10Inventory item #2257 20Inventory item #800
3Inventory item #2257 3Inventory item #12
3Inventory item #2257 2Inventory item #17
2Inventory item #2257 2Inventory item #2246
1Inventory item #2257 5Inventory item #2256



New items

Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Fur #65 Fertile Orchid Fur 5000 300 Tango Tick1.png
Neck item #25 Minnie's Scarf Neck 150 35 Tango Tick1.png
Ear item #32 Minnie's Bell Bow Ear 250 30 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Mouth item #40 Chicken's Beak Mouth 300 60
Head item #60 Easter Basket Hat Head 400 40
Head item #67 Shark Attack Hat Head 40
Fur #43 Chocolate Egg Fur 400
Ear item #8 Starfish Earring Ears 40
Head item #41 Reindeer Antlers Head 60


  • This is the first event to feature a 2-year gap between the time a badge was released and the time it returned.
  • This is the first event to release an emote (rock-paper-scissors) alongside it that’s not used in the event itself.
  • This is the first adventure to not release a new event badge or cartouche (content adventures included).



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