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Easter 2015 was an event introduced on 3 April 2015. Like all previous Easter events, it involved Easter eggs spawning on maps. It had a special event map. This event ended on 3 June 2015 when Fishing 2015 started.

Event Details[]

Most vanilla and normal rooms would spawn with an Easter egg in the map, usually in harder-to-reach places.

When the mouse collected the egg, the egg would become transparent to mark it is taken by the player. The mouse then had to bring the cheese to the hole, and the player would obtain a random consumable.

Special Map[]

There would be a random chance that a special Easter map would play. Like shaman rooms, mice could die if shaman items "suffocated" them or if they fell from too high. The survivor would obtain progress to the special title.

Similar to the survivor game mode, the shaman's objective was to kill the mice. If all mice die, the shaman will get a title. The shaman was limited to four cannonballs before dying.


Transformice Easter Event 2015

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The special Easter 2015 map



Random inventory consumables (see the page for details):

Icon Name
Inventory item #1 Pufferfish
Inventory item #5 Balls
Inventory item #11 Tombstone
Inventory item #8 Jack-O-Lantern
Inventory item #6 Snowball
Inventory item #15 Snowmouse
Inventory item #10 Mistletoe
Inventory item #14 Snow
Inventory item #3 Pink Fireworks
Inventory item #2 Blue Fireworks
Inventory item #16 Star Fireworks
Inventory item #4 Egg Themed Tag
Inventory item #18 Bunny
Inventory item #19 Milk Box
Inventory item #20 Chicken


Title Achievement
« King's Pastry Chef »(357) Survive once in the Easter map
« Egg Hunter »(322) Survive 5 times in the Easter map
« Cock-a-doodle-doo »(320) Survive 15 times in the Easter map
« Caramel Duke/Caramel Duchess »(356) Survive 20 times in the Easter map
« Chicken »(295) Survive 25 times in the Easter map
« Candy Lord »(359) Survive 30 times in the Easter map
« Cake Face »(358) Survive 50 times in the Easter map
« Cocoa »(321) Gather 10 eggs in the Easter event
« Angry Mouse »(355) Kill all mice while being Shaman on the event map


Icon How to Obtain
Badge #46 Survive the event map 10 times.
Badge #47 Survive the event map 40 times.
Badge #45 Buy the Easter fur.



  • The obtained item on right side will keep stacking up. To remove it, click them one by one.
  • At least 8 mice is needed for eggs to spawn.
  • If there are more than 41 mice in the room, event map will take longer to play than usual. (Maximum Time Limit: 1:20:00 '1 hour and 20 minutes')
  • Event maps play around the 0:50:00 mark, which happens commonly when the mice are under 41 in a room.
  • Mice can be killed by consumables thrown by other users in the event map, such as chickens and pumpkins.
Crane.png BugThe egg can spawn on unreachable place or inside grounds.
Crane.png BugDue to lag, it is possible for mice to die without getting hit, if being near/standing on an object.


  • The event is based on Angry Birds.
  • The name of the map, BonBon, was a reference to the fact that BonBon is French for candy.
  • 6 of the available titles was from Easter 2014.
  • When initially implemented, eggs spawned even when alone in a room. This was almost immediately fixed.
    • It also rewarded the player instantly when getting the egg, instead of after finishing the map. This was changed a day later.