Easter 2014 was an event held in Transformice in April of 2014. You had to gather eggs to get badges and titles.

The Event Map Edit

For this event mice had to find Easter eggs on Map 801.

While the map was playing, an "Egg Counter" was seen in the bottom right corner to see the progress.

Map Pâques

The event map appears once every 40-60 minutes after the last play

How to get eggs Edit

Easter 2014 eggshot

When the Event Map appears, you'll have to run across the map to find hidden eggs.
To collect an egg you just need to touch it.

Tip: Don't stay in one spot because you'll have more chances to get an egg if you check everywhere.



Picture Name Obtaining
Badge 7 [1/2] Easter 2014 With 5 Eggs.
Badge 6 [2/2] Easter 2014 With 40 Eggs.


If someone had a title from a previous Easter event, they received a "★" star next to their title.

# Title Achievement
254 Chocovore Gather 1 Egg.
255 Chocobunny Gather 3 Eggs.
321 Cacao Gather 10 Eggs.
320 Cocorico Gather 20 Eggs.
295 Chicken Gather 50 Eggs.
322 Egg hunter Gather 100 Eggs.

Items Edit

There were 6 new items added for this event.

The admins confirmed that players would not be able to get event items by completing the event maps anymore. Instead one could buy them directly from the Shop with cheese or fraises. After the event the items were only available for two more weeks when you paid with fraises. After this, items were blacked out, only returning with the next Easter event in 2015. Blacking out event items was removed completely then.



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