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During this event, Easter eggs Easteregg.png are located on a certain location on certain vanilla maps. Mice can add to their egg count by completing the map with the egg.

Items will be unlocked at 10, 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 eggs, however each amount of eggs unlocks only a specific item, some of which are from past holidays or just regular items. Items introduced in this update are distinguished from others in the table below.

There must be a minimum number of 5 mice on a map for eggs to be added to their egg count.

The Easter egg counter can be found on the bottom right of the map. Like the present counter, the number will not appear immediately on login.


Names in green are exclusive Easter Items. Blue items are from Christmas 2010.

Item Eggs Type
Ear item #3 Red Ornament 10 Ear
Ear item #1 Pink Bow 30 Ear
Mouth item #2 Straw 60 Mouth
Head item #59 Ribbon 100 Head
Mouth item #3 Bow Tie 150 Mouth
Head item #23 Bunny Ears 200 Head
Head item #60 Easter Basket Hat 250 Head
Neck item #7 Bell Necklace 300 Neck