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Ducksliding is the act of moving your mouse while displaying the ducking animation, as opposed to the running animation. Ducksliding is a simpler, forward version of moonwalking, and a version of being a monorail mouse while not necessarily being at the end of the ducking animation.

  1. Jump.
  2. Tap down in the air quickly.
  3. Immediately hold either of the directional arrow keys.

To turn, jump first and turn in midair.

The cheese will not be visible on a mouses back if they touch it while ducksliding, but the "smoke" will appear around the mouse, showing that the mouse has indeed acquired the cheese. The mouse may enter the mouse hole, despite that the animation is locked in a no-cheese state. This is often used to make the user appear to not have the cheese so that it surprises other players when they go in the hole. This is used as a method of trolling in normal maps or as a way to bypass the defense in #football.