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Dragon 2017, also known as Chinese New Year 2017, is the third adventure of 2017. It is based on Chinese New Year which took place on 28 January 2017. Like last year the event appears close to the actual holiday's day, and which explains the event's earlier appearance from last year.


This adventure's goal is climbing the blue dragon, a towering entity to collect a Collectible #6 lantern, thus earning rewards.


Megaphone.png Main article: Dragon 2017 enigma

This adventure has an enigma where users randomly obtain postcards from NPCs and the community must work together to figure them all out. The postcards are very rare and no one fully understands how to get them, many suspect it is random.

To solve the enigma, you must say "papulatraxas" in chat (capitalization doesn't matter) while under the dragon head and while you have a dragon pet following you. The reward for doing this is « Little Monkey »(418).

Note: Last year's enigma does not work this year; as such you cannot obtain the from « Inspector Souris »(383) shifting your name +2 using a general caesar cipher shifter.


The objective of the adventure map is to climb the blue dragon and reach the ray of light being cast in front of the deity. The height of the map is 2228 pixels, with the width being standard. A lantern awaits mice who complete the journey to the top, and it is obtainable by allowing the ray of light to bring them up towards it, functioning due to a water ground. Players are advised to avoid rushing, as the ascent is not difficult and can be completed easily if time is taken. The blue dragon has various mechanics that players can rely on to reach the top. These aids also served as checkpoints in the form of arcane sashes and grounds.

Type Image Name Description
Lower Paw Players can mount on the blue dragon's lower paw in order to reach his right whiskers or the middle arcane sash.
Upper Paw Players can also mount on the blue dragon's upper paw to reach the highest ground and successfully reach the lantern.
Dragon Sash 1.png
Bottom Arcane Sash Players can use this sash to slide on to the first ground.
Ground 1 This ground leads to the second ground and provides a safe place where players will not fall.
Ground 2 This ground is slanted and can slide players down to the first ground if they do not pay attention. This ground also provides players enough proximity to jump to the bonsai leave path, which takes players to ground 3.
Ground 3 This ground is at the very top of the bonsai tree. Players can wait for the dragon's lower paw to lower here so they can choose to either land on ground 4 or land straight on the middle arcane sash once the dragon lifts its paw.
Draground 4 Optional.png
Ground 4 (Optional) This ground is the dragon's right whisker. It is optional and provides a safe ground for players to stay on if they choose not to stay on the middle arcane sash, which one should note is sloped.
Dragon Sash 2.png
Middle Arcane Sash This sash is the second sash that is seen on the dragon's body. It is not an ideal place for players to stay on because it slides them down onto ground 3. Players still have to wait here, however, for the dragon to lower its upper paw to take them to the top arcane sash. Avoiding this sash is not an option if one wants to reach the top ground and ultimately the lantern.
Dragon Sash 3.png
Top Arcane Sash This sash is the last one on the dragon's body. It leads players up to the fifth and final ground, where the ray of light leads to the lantern.
Draground 5.png
Ground 5 This is the highest ground on the map, reachable only if players go up the top sash of the dragon. It is on this ground that players are able to obtain the lantern.
Crane.png BugThe paws of the Dragon can sometimes change their direction of moving, that prevent the players from completing the adventure.
Event specific items
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2235 Lantern 70


Inventory item #2235 Reward
10 « Lotus Flower »(382)
15* 1Inventory item #801
20 Cartouche #9
40 Badge #131
70 « Adorer »(299) + « Little Dragon »(417)
Crane.png BugSome users get their fraise at 25 lanterns, this is a glitch.

Notable consumables[]

Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2240 Dragon Pet A blue dragon pet follows one's mouse around.


  • This is the first deviation in 2017 of the original 2016 adventure order.
  • The event map is a dragon, despite the Chinese New Year of neither 2016 nor 2017 being the year of the dragon.
  • 2017 is the year of the Rooster.
    • While not the year of the dragon, the dragon is a symbolic part of Chinese culture.
  • Title 417 was originally « Dragonfly » but was changed to sometime « Little Dragon » in the afternoon of 31 January 2017. Users who were logged in during the change had to reload to see the change.



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