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Dragon 2016, otherwise known as Chinese New Year 2016 or the Blue Dragon Adventure, was the sixth adventure of 2016. It was based on Chinese New Year, which took place on the 8th of February in 2016, as well as the Zhonghe/Longtaitou/Blue Dragon Festival, which took place on the second day of February[1].


This adventure was aimed towards climbing the blue dragon, a towering entity. On the event map, players had to collect a Collectible #6 lantern by climbing the dragon, a newly discovered deity of Transformice (see Lore).


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

In this adventure, it was discovered that a dragon (whose name is currently unknown) is recognized as a symbol of divinity. Every year, he is venerated among the constructs of mice turning into shamans and snakes into dragons. This dragon, being very virtuous, only asked for certain powers from Elisah that will allow him to protect the mouse tribe that he was adopted into.

It is worth considering that in the adventure announcement this dragon is not classified as snake nor shaman. Instead, he is uniquely a dragon (a deity nonetheless). The same announcement points out the rise from mouse to shaman, analogically confirming that mice and shamans are not associated with each other, just that they appear similar (like dragons and snakes).

Previously, it was known that Elisah gave a lock of her hair and a feather from her wings to shamans as a manifestation of her power. However, the idea that Elisah gives away fractions of her powers was finally confirmed on an official platform rather than on Melibellule's Tumblr. The blue dragon was once a frail little snake before receiving powers from Elisah, turning him into a towering, terrifying, and beautiful creature all at once. The same can be said for any other deity that may make its way to Transformice's story line, only in different forms.


Megaphone.png Main article: Dragon 2016 enigma

Complete scroll

Starting at the release of the adventure, some players began to receive pieces of a scroll once they obtained a lantern. On the first day, receiving a piece was extremely rare. However, the drop rate increased the next day to speed the scientific/experimental process.

Some players went about saying that this enigma is related to the Longtaitou Festival. This seemed plausible because the almighty dragon is blue and the festival takes place on the "second day of the second month", or the day that the enigma began to take a faster pace. However, this was proven to be unrelated. 

Players also believed that the hidden area by the bonsai tree (see gallery) had some relation to the enigma, but it was later discovered the location of a player on the adventure map is not important.

Once a sufficient amount of scroll pieces was collected, players noticed that there was a link between a mouse's username, a plus sign, and the expression that equaled 2. This later led players to the conclusion that one's username must be shifted twice using the caesar cipher, with y, z, 8, and 9 switching to the ASCII characters {, |, :, and ;, respectively.


The objective of the adventure map was to climb the blue dragon and reach the ray of light being cast in front of the deity. The height of the map was 2228 pixels, with the width being standard. This map was Transformice's second high-scrolling event map, with the first being Christmas 2014's event map. A lantern awaited mice who completed the journey to the top, and it was obtainable by allowing the ray of light to bring them up towards it, functioning due to a water ground. Players were advised to avoid rushing, as the ascent was not difficult and could be completed easily if time was taken. The blue dragon had various aids that players could rely on to reach the top. These aids also served as checkpoints in the form of arcane sashes and grounds.

Type Image Name Description
Lower Paw Players could mount on the blue dragon's lower paw in order to reach his right whiskers or the middle arcane sash.
Upper Paw Players could also mount on the blue dragon's upper paw to reach the highest ground and successfully reach the lantern.
Dragon Sash 1.png
Bottom Arcane Sash Players could use this sash to slide on to the first ground.
Ground 1 This ground lead to the second ground and provided a safe place where players will not fall.
Ground 2 This ground was slanted and could slide players down to the first ground if they did not pay attention. This ground also provided players enough proximity to jump to the bonsai leave path, which took players to ground 3.
Ground 3 This ground was at the very top of the bonsai tree. Players could wait for the dragon's lower paw to lower here so they could choose to either land on ground 4 or land straight on the middle arcane sash once the dragon lifted its paw.
Draground 4 Optional.png
Ground 4 (Optional) This ground was the dragon's right whisker. It was optional and provided a safe ground for players to stay on if they chose not to stay on the middle arcane sash, which one should note was sloped.
Dragon Sash 2.png
Middle Arcane Sash This sash was the second sash that is seen on the dragon's body. It was not an ideal place for players to stay on because it slid them down onto ground 3. Players still had to wait here, however, for the dragon to lower its upper paw to take them to the top arcane sash. Avoiding this sash was not an option if one wanted to reach the top ground and ultimately the lantern.
Dragon Sash 3.png
Top Arcane Sash This sash was the last one on the dragon's body. It lead players up to the fifth and final ground, where the ray of light lead to the lantern.
Draground 5.png
Ground 5 This was the highest ground on the map, reached only if players went up the top sash of the dragon. It was in this ground that players were able to obtain the lantern.
Event specific items
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2235 Lantern 70


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2235 Reward
10 « Lotus Flower »(382)
15 Inventory item #801
20 Cartouche #9
40 Badge #131
70 « Adorer »(299)




Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2240 Dragon Pet A blue dragon pet follows one's mouse around.


Inventory item #800 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #2234 Inventory item #5 Inventory item #23 Inventory item #10 Inventory item #4 Inventory item #21 Inventory item #1 Inventory item #6 Inventory item #8 Inventory item #9 Inventory item #12 Inventory item #13 Inventory item #17 Inventory item #18 Inventory item #19 Inventory item #22 Inventory item #27 Inventory item #407



New items

Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Shop-fur57.png Dragon Kigurumi[2] Fur 5500 350 Tango Tick1.png
Shop-head135.png Chinese Cap Head 350 40 Tango Tick1.png
Shop-tail22.png Chinese Lantern Tail 1500 100 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Shop-mouth31.png Bamboo Mouth 200 40
Shop-eyes12.png Kitsune Mask Eyes 400 40
Shop-ears15.png Holldine Dragon Head Mask Ears 600 60
Shop-fur18.png Panda Fur 6000 400
Shop-mouth50.png Teapot Mouth 40
Shop-head134.png Bonnet Head 40
Shop-neck7.png Bell Necklace Neck 20
Shop-fur12.png Red Gradient Fur 325


  • At the end of Groundhog 2016, some players received 2 invisible items when waking Charlotte, which were later revealed to be the dragon pet.
  • The title « Adorer »(299) is the first enigma-earned title that was made obtainable again after its original release.
    • The rerelease of this title makes the Blue Dragon Adventure the first event ever to have two enigma titles obtainable.
  • On the first day of the adventure, some players received a lantern before even moving on the adventure map. If players affected by this bug reached the top, the lantern would not have been there.
  • The dragon was drawn by Paul.[3]




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