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Domination is a module in which the mice are split into two teams, blue and red. Teams must capture all the flags by standing on them before the other team at the same time to win. Mice can make the process of capturing all the Red Flag.png White Flag.png Blue Flag.png flags easier by cannon jumping to reach high spots and killing other mice with cannonballs to block them from capturing their team's flags.


  • Press F or click the button right of the leaderboard button Domination Cannon Change.png Domination Spirit Change.png to change between using spirits and cannonballs (requires Spirit upgrade).
  • Press G to change between using "Normal" Spirit and "Reverse" Spirit (also known as, "Anti-Spirit").
  • Press E to throw mines and Space to detonate! (Requires Mines upgrade)
  • Type !off gui or !off [x] [y] to set your offsets.


There's a shop with the currency DP (domination points). To get domination points, capture flags. There needs to be at least 6 mice in the room in order for the earned DP to count in the domination shop, and to earn cheese (if your team wins). Every second you are capturing a flag or healing it (particles coloured your team's color come out if done successfully), you get one DP (buying the Points upgrade gets it to 2 per second, then 3, 4, etc.).


Image Name Description[1] Price DP Level 1 Price

Level 2

DP Level 3
Cannons.png2111 Cannon[confirm] gives you one extra cannon when you buy an upgrade, with a max of 3 cannons 0 10,000 100,000
Mines.png Mine Get more mines per upgrade, and they get more powerful and affect a wider radius. 250 1,000 16,000
Spirit Domination.png Spirit[confirm] Gets more powerful and affects a wider radius. 3,000 6,000 48,000


Image Name Description[1] Price

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Respawn.png Respawn You respawn 1s faster for each upgrade 1,000 2,000 125,000
Points.png Points You earn 1 extra point when capturing a flag for each level of the upgrade 1,000 5,000 25,000
Unknown.png N/A ??? N/A N/A N/A


Leaderboard Domination.png

The leaderboard includes the top 10 ranks from all servers and from the server you're on.


Stats Domination.png
  • !stats - You can view your stats by typing !stats, as well as view stats of other mice with !stats (username).
  • !chances - You can view the chances of a team winning in a round with !chances.
  • !t - You can privately talk to your team with the command !t.

Capturing Flags[]

In order to capture a flag, mice must stand on top of it. If a flag is white, it will take 5 seconds for it to turn, and 15 total for particles to drain out. To capture their opposing team's flag, mice must stand on it for 15 seconds for it to turn, and 20 seconds for particles to drain out.


  • The user-created decals (including the flags) may not be visible to some players. Playing on the Standalone seems to resolve this.