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For the shaman mode, see Divine mode.
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Divinity is a module. It is basically regular rooms, but Divine-only. No skills are available and there can only be a maximum of three visible solid balloons on-screen at a time.

Basic rules[]

  • You need to be in divine mode to play as a shaman.
  • Arrows will reduce your XP gain and affect your Grade (even if the arrow is not anchored).
    • Using arrows will notify you "You used X arrows."
  • Solid balloons can only be used three times until they despawn. Additional balloons won't be spawned when you try to spawn them.
  • In some maps, shaman items overlapping static grounds are automatically removed.
  • Try to save as many mice as possible or you lose a little of your Grade.

Chat commands[]

Command Arguments Key Description
!setdiff [num 1] [num 2] set difficulty of maps you want to play when you are shaman, can choose between numbers 1 and 7, range must be at least 3, except 1-2, each map shows it's difficulty near the map name
!skip Usable by current shaman only. Immediately sets the timer to 4 seconds remaining (even if the timer had less than 4 seconds remaining), and thus used to skip current map (or abused to give extra time).
!mort Kills you (same as /mort).
!stats [username (opt.)] P Shows stats of a specified player's, if not specified or pressed the key will display your divinity profile.
!lb L Displays the leaderboard.
!help H Displays the help window with list of basic rules and chat commands.
!ban <username> Similar to /ban, vote to ban someone from the room, but it is available to people with divine mode only.


The leaderboard is an important feature of the module. There are a total of 5 sorting categories:

Name Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Shows Top
Total Experience Name Level Average 100
XP earned this month Name XP this month Average 20
XP in Difficulty 1-3 Name XP in Diff 1-3 20
XP in Difficulty 4-5 Name XP in Diff 4-5 20
XP in Difficulty 6-7 Name XP in Diff 6-7 20


Profiles show:

  • Total XP
  • Level, current XP, and XP needed to next level
  • Average Grade
  • XP earned this month
  • Difficulty setting
  • Total rounds, rounds completed, grades and recently played of difficulties.
  • Explanation of the grading system (E:0-20, D:20-40, C:40-60, B:60-80, A:80-100, grade is decided by the grades in only the recent rounds, not the whole rounds played).