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Dino 2018 is the fifth adventure of 2018 and is the winning event submission from the Adventure Contest 2016, courtesy of Kurt #0095.[1] This is the first non-canonical event to be released among the entirety of the game's existence.

This event is identical to the Dino 2016 event.


This adventure is aimed towards collecting Collectible #25 orange gears (or cogs) and returning them to the time machine at the very right side of the map. Each mouse can collect up to 3 orange gears on the map, meaning this adventure requires contribution and cooperation among players.


The objective of the adventure map is for players to maneuver through a standard-dimension map with various dangerous obstacles, some less than others.

Name Description
Lava Necklace The red Tyrannosaurus Rex's necklace is spanned by an invisible lava ground, making mice susceptible to being launched into many directions, which could be fatal.
Magma Chasms The long deadly gaps around the bottom of the map may prove to be difficult for new players who have not yet discovered how to jump in mid-air. They also serve as consequential places for the lava necklace to fling a player into.
Trampoline Feet Although more of an aid than a hindrance, these bouncy feet are not possible to wall jump for players who are attempting to come out of the magma chasm under the red T-Rex, and will instead bounce mice into their doom.
Prehistoric Branches and Vines These obstacles are not deadly, but they can severely slow a player down due to their powerful restitution with effects similar to a chocolate ground’s on a mouse with cheese, which can prevent players from retrieving a particular orange gear and returning it to the time machine on time.

All mice who are alive when the amount of gears required has been collected and brought to the time machine will receive the reward, regardless of how many gears they collected when the map was completed.

Progress can be seen in the adventure calendar (Calendar 19.png).


Calendar 19.png Reward
5 « Prehistoric Mouse »(394)
10 « Tyrannosouris »(395)
20 Cartouche #20
30 « Cavemouse »(439) (New)

New items[]

Dino & Kitchen Party 2018 new items.png
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #159 Head 400 50
Neck item #36 Dilophosaurus frill Neck 600 60
Ball skin #11 Dino egg Ball 1500 50




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