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Herp derp.png

The derp pigeon[1] is a character who appears occasionally in various official pieces of art, such as special maps, event maps, and event images. It has no real history and is merely an Easter egg.


Image Appearance
Pigeon - Room 801.png
Roof of a house in Map 801
Fishing 2014 - I8.jpg
Relic I8 in Fishing 2014
Fishing 2014 - I11.jpg
Relic I11 in Fishing 2014
Derp pigeon Halloween 2014.png
Halloween 2014 doors map
Christmas 2014 - J1.jpg
Relic J1 in Christmas 2014
Pigeon - Fishing 2015.png
Transformice Museum object in Fishing 2015
Pigeon - Christmas 2015.png
Background of the map of Christmas 2015
Pigeon - Easter 2016.png
Background of the map of Easter 2016
6th anniversary photo-pigeon.png
Appearing on the photo board in 6th Anniversary
Derp Pigeon - Easter 2017 Wallpaper.png
Background of the Elisah 2017 event wallpaper
Pigeon - Le Pizzeria.png
Roof in Le Pizzeria 2018
Decoration 222.png
Map decoration #222
Head item #198 Head item #198 (released on 30 April 2020)[2]
Balloon skin #40 Balloon #40 (released on 26 August 2021)
Inventory 2545.png Inventory #2545 (released for 12th Anniversary)
Familier 15.png Pet #15 (released for 12th Anniversary)
By the hole of map 213

Appearances outside of Transformice[]

Image Appearance
Dead Maze - where's waldo - pigeon.png
In the 2nd tree from the right on the Where's Waldo? Dead Maze image. This was the first official use of the name "derp pigeon" by the staff.
Transformice Adventures - Discord Sneak Peeks - Pigeon.png
Derp pigeon sketch that appeared on a sneak peek for Transformice Adventures, posted on its Discord server by Melibellule on 22 January 2019.[3]
Transformice Adventures Demo - Mice Village - Pigeon.png
On the foreground gazebo in the Mice Village of the demo version of Transformice Adventures.
Meli's Kickstarter Goal Livestream - Derp Pigeon.png
Appeared atop Papaille's hat in Melibellule's art livestream dedicated to the community for completing Transformice Adventures' Kickstarter social achievements.
Discord derpy.png
Transformice Discord server emoji
Discord xmas.png
Transformice Discord server emoji
Discord Derp.png
Transformice Discord server sticker