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Defilante (défilante: French for scrolling) is a game mode. It is a racing game where mice use tokens to gain an advantage and finish the map, competing with the "death line" that moves from the beginning to the end of the map, and with other players as well. They then can collect the cheese at the end of the map and go into the hole to complete the map and receive additional points. P18 maps play in defilante rooms.


Defilante consists of 10 rounds, with each round playing defilante map. Defilante maps have tokens, which the mice can (and should) collect to finish the map. All defilante maps are very wide, and the camera will be locked to the player. There is a "death line" that keeps moving from the beginning of the map to the other side. If a player is too slow, the camera won't be focused at the mouse, but instead will keep moving forward, and if the mouse goes off-screen, it will die.

Players are given 2 minutes to complete a map. The time will be set to 20 seconds once the first player enters the hole and the time left is more than 20 seconds, or if there are less than three mice alive. Mice won't die by the "death line" if it is already at the other side of the map, unless it goes off-screen.


There are four main tokens on the game. They are activated by touching them and can only be used once.

Image Name Description
Defilante spring.png Spring This propels the mice upwards when they run over it.
Defilante speed.png Speed This propels the mice horizontally to the direction they last touched the ground when they run over it.
Defilante plus.png Point This add one point to the players score on the scoreboard when they run over it.
Defilante mort.png Death Kills mice that runs over it. Avoid it!


To win a defilante game (set of 10 rounds), the player must be the one with the highest score in the scoreboard. There are two ways to get score points:

  • Touch the +1 token, which will give one point.
  • Complete the map, which will give one to four points, depending on how fast you completed it.
Position Points obtained
1st 4
2nd 3
3rd 2
4th or lower 1

The scoreboard updates after every round.

When bringing cheese to the hole, the "ranking" is sorted by the most amount of points acquired in that round, instead of the fastest time. If a mouse is the one with the most points at the end of ten rounds, their victory will count as a first. 


Completing a map will increase the player's stats and shop cheese (Only 1 cheese per 2 maps), and gives 20 experience points.


After an update on 22 October 2020 (V1.600), it became possible to earn Defilante coins Inventory item #2504 by finishing three rounds. The maximum number of coins collected in your inventory is 200.

Following Title Contest 2021, 10 titles purchasable with star defilante coins Inventory item #2509 were added on 18 November 2021 (V1.670).

Buying Ear item #65 awards a badge Badge #351.

Cost Reward Release
50Inventory item #2509 Ear item #65 V1.600
100Inventory item #2504 Cartouche #48 V1.600
80Inventory item #2504 Badge #291 V1.600
2Inventory item #2509 « +1 »(511) V1.670
3Inventory item #2509 « Free Fall »(515) V1.670
4Inventory item #2509 « Aerodynamic »(518) V1.670
5Inventory item #2509 « Catch Them All »(516) V1.670
7Inventory item #2509 « Just in Time »(513) V1.670
10Inventory item #2509 « I'm Flying! »(512) V1.670
15Inventory item #2509 « COINS! »(514) V1.670
20Inventory item #2509 « Je vais VROUMMM »(519) V1.670
25Inventory item #2509 « Super Mouse Bros »(520) V1.670
30Inventory item #2509 « King/Queen of Defilante »(517) V1.670
100Inventory item #2504 1Inventory item #2509 V1.600
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2504 50Inventory item #800


Defilante also gives badges as rewards.

Image Stat image Requirement Release date
Badge 288.png Defilante x 42.png Play 1,500 rounds 22 October 2020
Badge 287.png Defilante x 43.png Complete 10,000 rounds 22 October 2020
Badge 286.png Defilante x 44.png Gather 100,000 points 22 October 2020


  • Like racing, the player with highest score will have wings beside their nickname.
  • There is a +1 token icon in the top left corner in defilante rooms.
  • At some point, some of the Defilante-made maps were in rotation in normal rooms.
  • Shamans can use the Spring and the Speed Boost tokens from skills.
  • During the Valentine's Day 2013 event, you had to collect heart tokens to buy Valentine's Day accessories. This is also the first Defilante map and the only Defilante map to be the part of the event.
  • If you touch a token but you're too fast (or you're lagging) you won't activate it.
  • There must be at least 6 mice in the room to earn cheese.