Defilante is a game mode. It is a racing game where mice use coins to gain an advantage and finish the map, competing with the "death line" that moves from the beginning to the end of the map, and with other players as well. They then can collect the cheese at the end of the map and go into the hole to complete the map and receive additional points.


Defilante consists of 10 rounds, with each round playing defilante map. Defilante maps have coins, which the mice can (and should) collect to finish the map. All defilante maps are very wide, and the camera will be locked to the player. There is a "death line" that keeps moving from the beginning of the map to the other side. If a player is too slow, the camera won't be focused at the mouse, but instead will keep moving forward, and if the mouse goes off-screen, it will die.

Players are given 2 minutes to complete a map.. The time left will be set to 20 seconds when the first player enters the hole and the time left is more than 20 seconds, or if the "death line" reaches the end of the map. Mice won't die by the "death line" if it is already at the other side of the map, unless it goes off-screen.


There are four coins on the game. They are activated by touching them, and can only be used once.

Image Name Description
Spring Spring This propels mice upwards when they run over it.
Defilante Speed Speed Boost This propels mice horizontally to the direction they're facing when they run over it.
Plus one powerup +1 This add one point to the players score on the scoreboard when they run over it.
Death Death Kills mice that runs over it. Avoid it!


To win a defilante game (set of 10 rounds), the player must be the one with the highest score in the scoreboard. There are two ways to get score points:

  • Touch the +1 coin, which will give one points.
  • Brings the cheese to hole (complete the map), which will give four points.

The scoreboard update after every round.

When bringing cheese to the hole, the "ranking" is sorted by most amount of points acquired in that round, instead of fastest time. If a mice is the one with the most points at the end of ten rounds, their victory will count as a "Cheese gathered first."


  • Like racing, the player with highest score will have wings beside their nickname.
  • There is a +1 coin icon in the top left corner in defilante rooms.
  • At some point, some of the Defilante-made maps were in rotation in normal rooms.
  • Shamans can use the Spring and the Speed Boost coins from skills.
  • During the Valentine's Day 2013 event, you had to collect heart coins to buy Valentine's Day accessories. This is also the first Defilante map and the only Defilante map to be the part of the event.