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Deathrun is a module. It became semi-official in August 2018.

There are Killers and Runners. Killers should try to kill the mice by clicking to spawn objects, if no runners get into the hole then Killers win! Runners are supposed to use the powerups they are given to get into the hole and escape Killers. If one runner gets into the hole, Runners win.


  • Click - spawns the object you have equipped when you are a Killer.
  • Duck - super speed, delayed for 3 seconds with Runners, infinite with Killers.
  • Space - super jump + cannon, delayed for 3 seconds when you are a Runner.


  • 2 Lives, 600 points
  • Cake Attack Item, 200 points
  • Iced Mouse Attack Item, 400 points
  • Nyan Cat Attack Item, 400 points
  • Companion Crate Attack Item, 800 points
  • Ultra Cannon Attack Item, 900 points
  • Watermelon Cannon Attack Item, 500 points
  • 3 Shaman Cannons Attack Item, 1000 points
  • Mechanical Anvil Attack Item, 800 points
  • Rock Anvil Attack Item, 500 points