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The Day of the Dead is a Lua event created by Bolodefchoco #0095 and Albinoska #0000. It is the first recycled Lua event; it previously ran in 2018. A new donkey piñata pet Inventory item #2532 Familier 13.png was released.

You have to collect confetti to fix the piñata's leg and then candies to fill the piñata.

Then you must find Miguel's hidden guitar, play back the correct sequence of guitar strings and return the guitar to Miguel.


Stage 1[]

The piñata has a ripped leg, which you must repair by collecting 72 confetti scattered around the map by pressing or Space. For the confetti to count towards the blue progess bar, you must deposit them by standing by the piñata and pressing Space or clicking on its ripped leg before the round ends. After completing the repair, you get orb Cartouche #36, 5 donkey piñata pets 5Inventory item #2532, 5 jack-o'-lanterns 5Inventory item #8 and advance to stage 2.

Stage 2[]

Tip: Players who already have the badge reward from this stage can skip this stage and move to stage 3.

The piñata needs to be filled with candies. The gameplay is similar to the previous stage but you collect 42 candies instead of confetti. Every 14 seconds, the candies move locations. After completely filling the piñata with candies, you get badge Badge #221, 8 donkey piñata pets 8Inventory item #2532, 2 jack-o'-lanterns 2Inventory item #8 and advance to stage 3.

Stage 3[]

Go to the top right corner of the map and click on the mouse called Miguel Rivera. 4 guitars with different-colored strings will appear (red, green, purple and blue) and Miguel will play a sequence of 14 strings. This is a Simon Says/memory game - you must play them back in the correct order to collect the guitar when you find it.

The guitar is at the left of the map, near the tree. Click on the guitar and play back the sequence correctly. Then you must return the guitar to Miguel to get the title « Remember me »(508), 8 donkey piñata pets 8Inventory item #2532 and 2 jack-o'-lanterns 2Inventory item #8.

You only have 2 minutes to do this stage so don't be slow. The fastest route is going up the boxes on the right to get to Miguel. While Miguel is showing the sequence of strings to play, run left off the rooftops to the guitar without jumping, do the Simon Says game and take the golden bridge up to the rooftops to get back to Miguel.

Tip: Number the guitars 1, 2, 3 and 4 and note the sequence in the chat while running left to the guitar.


Reward Requirement
Cartouche #36 Fill the piñata with confetti
Badge #221 Fill the piñata with candies
« Remember me »(508) (New) Return the guitar to Miguel

You can also get the following consumables by pressing at the correct location:

Reward Location
Inventory item #2378 / Inventory item #29 / Inventory item #2378 / Inventory item #2379 / Inventory item #2378 Tree on the left
Inventory item #2379 / Inventory item #2532 / Inventory item #29 / Inventory item #2379 / Inventory item #29 / Inventory item #2379 Bird by the middle house
Inventory item #2234 / Inventory item #2379 / Inventory item #2234 / Inventory item #2379 / Inventory item #2532 Bridge that Miguel is standing on
Inventory item #2532 / Inventory item #8 Window below Miguel (unreachable)

New shop items[]

Flyer 2021-40.jpg

Event-themed shop items were added on 7 October 2021 (V1.661).

Item on
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Shop-ears79-mouse.png Ear item #79 Sugar skull Ears 750 80
Small box skin #39 Playing card Small box 1500 50
Large box skin #43 Rabbit in magician's top hat Large box 3000 100
Small plank skin #39 Magic wand Short plank 1500 50
Large plank skin #42 Magic wand Long plank 3000 100


  • The event is based on the 2017 movie Coco.
  • From 23 to 28 September 2021, Bolodefchoco#0095 let players on Discord vote on the new title. The options were «Piñata», «Danse Macabre», «Calavera», «Mariachi», «Calaca», «Marigold», «Remember me» and «Guitar mouse».
  • Each map has 12 confetti and 6 candies.
  • Lua events appear 15 minutes after room creation (if there are 4+ mice in the room and it's a normal or vanilla room), then every 40-60 minutes. Chat event is used to share the names of new rooms to complete the event faster.




The Day of the Dead 2018 confetti.png


The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 1.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 2.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 3.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 4.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 5.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 6.png


Red Green Purple Blue


The Day of the Dead 2018 Mirabella.png Asking for help with confetti/candy Finished confetti Finished candy


The Day of the Dead 2018 Miguel.png Crying Given guitar back


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