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The Day of the Dead is a Lua event created by Bolodefchoco #0015 and Albinoska #0000.

You have to collect 50 confetti to fix the piñata's leg and then 30 candies to fill the piñata and get the badge reward.

Then you must find Miguel's hidden guitar, play back the correct sequence of guitar strings and return the guitar to Miguel to get the orb reward.


Stage 1[]

The piñata has a ripped leg, which you must repair by collecting 50 confetti scattered around the map by pressing Space. For the confetti to count towards the blue progess bar, you must deposit them by standing by the piñata and pressing Space or clicking on its leg before the round ends. After completing the repair, you get 2Inventory item #8 and advance to stage 2.

Stage 2[]

The piñata needs to be filled with candies. The gameplay is similar to the previous stage but you collect 30 candies instead of confetti. Every 15 seconds, the candies move locations. After completely filling the piñata with candies, you get 2Inventory item #8, badge Badge #221 and advance to stage 3.

Stage 3[]

Go to the top right corner of the map and click on the mouse called Miguel Rivera. He will tell you that you need to retrieve his guitar. The guitar is at the left of the map, near the tree. When you click on the guitar, 4 guitars with different-colored strings will appear (red, green, purple and blue). This is a Simon Says/memory game - once a sequence of 8 strings have played, you must play them back in the correct order to collect the guitar. Then you must return the guitar to Miguel to get orb Cartouche #36.

You only have 2 minutes to do this stage so don't be slow. The fastest route is going up the boxes on the right to get to Miguel. Then run left off the rooftops to the guitar without jumping, do the Simon Says game and take the golden bridge up to the roofs to get back to Miguel.


Reward Requirement
Badge #221 (New) Fill the piñata with candies
Cartouche #36 (New) Return the guitar to Miguel

You can also get the following consumables by pressing at the correct location:

Reward Location
1Inventory item #8 Unreachable platform
1Inventory item #26 Birb
1Inventory item #29 Tree
1Inventory item #2234 Bridge




The Day of the Dead 2018 confetti.png


The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 1.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 2.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 3.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 4.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 5.png The Day of the Dead 2018 candy 6.png


Red Green Purple Blue


The Day of the Dead 2018 Mirabella.png Asking for help with confetti/candy Finished confetti Finished candy


The Day of the Dead 2018 Miguel.png Crying Given guitar back

New items[]

X sem44.jpg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #115 Sugar skull[1] Fur 5000 400 Badge #222
Head item #168 Witch's magic candy hat Head 800 100
Hair style #45 Hair with spider Hair 600 70


  • The event is based on the 2017 movie Coco.



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