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Dancefloor is a minigame.


The goal of the minigame is to survive.

Maps have three grounds, each located next to each other horizontally, they have inner and outer types but the inner type has no effect, because the players cannot touch it.

A round consists of counting to three, and then, making shorter and changing the type of, the grounds, until there is only one player left.

Players also have the meep ability, to try to make others fall off.

The last player alive gets a win, and then the next round starts.

Chat commands[]

Command Effect
!help or H Displays help
!p [nickname] Displays the profile of the specified player, or your own if none specified
!ranking Displays ranking
!skins Displays skins
!nue Turn off your skin (be a mouse)
!rms See all the room managers in your room (doesn't work)


Votes for the specified player, if that player wins, you get 1 point (only 2 players must be alive)


Note: the Elf skin is default but if removed, it needs to be bought to wear it again.

Image Name Points to buy
Dancefloor-skin-Elf.png Elf 100
Dancefloor-skin-Wizard.png Wizard 200
Dancefloor-skin-Knight.png Knight 300
Dancefloor-skin-Silenced.png Silenced 400
Dancefloor-skin-Unicorn.png Unicorn 500
Dancefloor-skin-Spy.png Spy 600
Dancefloor-skin-Tank.png Tank 700
Dancefloor-skin-Dracula.png Dracula 800
Dancefloor-skin-Gas Mask.png Gas Mask 900
Dancefloor-skin-Bee.png Bee 1000
Dancefloor-skin-Elf Helmet.png Elf Helmet 1100
Dancefloor-skin-Wyvern.png Wyvern 1200