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The Crêpe Festival is a Lua event where you must cook a perfect crêpe.


The aim of this Lua event is to create a crêpe with a perfect score of 100%. Ingredients for the topping of your crêpe are scattered around the map, and it's a race against time to collect everything you need.


This event has 1 large event map. Due to the map having a very large background image, there may be a delay before you can see the map.

Crêpe Festival map explained.jpg
Crane.png BugSometimes, the ovens may break, showing no percentage above your mouse, making it impossible for you and other players to complete the event map during that round


The event has multiple steps:

  • Choose a recipe - at the start of the map, you must go to the top left counter and hit Space. From there you must choose a recipe to make (only one can be made per map).
  • Collect ingredients - you must get the ingredient on the top left area of the map by going next to them and hitting . you must get the exact correct amount to obtain a 100% rating (see below for how much you need for a specific rating).
  • Baking - simply go to the bottom left areas, stand in front of an oven, and hit Space. Note that the oven must not currently be in use.
  • Evaluation - go up the ladder, stand on the center table, and hit Space. You'll get a score based on how well the number of ingredients you used makes the crêpe taste.

Perfect recipes[]

Using the following ingredients for each crepe recipe will give your crêpes a 100% rating. If you use more or less of some of the ingredients, the percentage will drop. If it goes under 80%, your crêpe will be a failure and it won't be added to your completed recipes.

  • Maple Syrup: 9 maple syrup, 2 lemon
  • Watermelon: 7 watermelon, 4 vanilla, 3 sugar
  • Cocoa & Banana: 7 cocoa, 5 banana
  • Whipped Cream: 9 eggs, 5 sugar
  • Lemon Honey: 8 honey, 5 lemon
  • Red Fruit: 6 strawberry, 9 currant, 4 blackberry
  • Salted Butter: 7 milk, 6 salt
  • Vanilla Sugar: 3 vanilla, 8 sugar
  • Cheese (Chest): 10 cheese, 5 milk, 3 egg, 2 salt

Completing the event gives you the title « Crêpe batter »(419).


To unlock the 9th (cheese) crêpe, you must get at least 80% for all the other crêpe recipes. Then, you have to go to the chest and say "BYCT", then click on the image that appears to start the recipe. You have to complete the recipe in the same round that you start it or else you have to go back to the chest again next round.

To get to the chest, you must jump on the bananas on top of the banana tree, which will propel you to the awning on the building. You must then bounce from the awning to the cloud, and run to the chest.



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