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Mouse performing corner jump with /debug on.

A corner jump is the act of falling so that the corner of the mouse meets the corner of a block. A corner jump may refer to the act of launching off a corner, or the corner itself.

Even though it is simple, this mouse technique is not easy to do, and is considered as a racing map technique. It is vital to both racing and bootcamp, either to complete the map, move faster, or to use certain shortcuts.

A long jump lets you jump farther from the top of a ledge, allowing one to safely make longer jumps. To longjump, stand at the edge of a corner until your mouse stops moving. Then run and jump. The closer you are to the edge, the farther you'll go. This doesn't work as well with cheese.

Corner jumping.gif

You can see how corner jump works by playing map 36 or map 132 and holding from the start.


The reason this exploit works is because of how the game treats the corner of your mouse's hitbox while hitting the corner of an object. Unlike the sides of a block, the corner is neither horizontal nor vertical, it's diagonal. So when you hit your mouse's corner and a ground corner together, it simulates your mouse landing on a diagonal platform, which converts our vertical velocity to horizontal velocity.

The reason the corner of your mouse must hit the corner of the block is because the game treats the player's mouse as a circle, making it so the side of the platform you are corner-jumping off of acts as a ramp.

The game treats ramps as a way to change your momentum from the y-axis (up and down) to the x-axis (left and right). This can also be seen when you jump off of regular slopes going downward how you gain a lot of sideways momentum.


  • The higher you drop from, the further you will potentially go.
  • You must hit the corner of the object with the bottom corner of your mouse (the corner in the opposite direction than you intend to go).
  • Hitting the corner at different angles will cause your mouse to jump off differently, hitting the angle higher up will reduce the momentum a bit but will make the jump mostly parallel o the ground, which most mice aim for, hitting lower will increase momentum but will cause your mouse to jump significantly lower.
    • While the corner of an object is easy to see, the "corner" of your mouse is not. However, if you draw a "circle" around your character, you should be able to see understand where it is.