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Cooking 2018 is the fifth adventure of 2018. This event is identical to the Cooking 2016 event.


This event relied on player cooperation and communication. Players were to follow a recipe displayed on a hanging board by jumping into a cooking pot if they had an ingredient essential to the recipe. Order did not matter, but duplicate foods and foods not in the recipe led to demerits and after three demerits, a ruined dish.


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story

In the official announcement, the administrator Zou alludes to the popular Disney movie "Ratatouille." She mentions a mouse partaking in this film. This not only confirms that all rodents are considered mice in the world of Transformice, but also that Transformice shares pop culture features with the real world. Some parallels are more distinct between the two worlds, however, such as the restaurant in Transformice being called Chez Gustave instead of Chez Gusteau.

Zou was notably contented to hear about the previously mentioned mouse playing a leading role in this film. Other mice were too, and with that, it was discussed that mice now have dreams of reaching a career in the same likes (regarding starring in films). The more prevalent career choice, however, is cooking. This is what the adventure revolves around. Now, known careers among mice in Transformice are not only bartending like Cassidy, kingship like King Fromagnus, and vampire slaying like Buffy (formerly), but also acting and cooking.

As this adventure delves into the cooking career, players learned more about diets in the world of Transformice. A mouse's diet is unknown, other than cheese, strawberries, and cheesecakes. Nonetheless, the ingredients used for cooking in this adventure may be used to create dishes that aren't for the mice themselves. The map follows the theory of proportions for the most part, with some components like sunflower seeds, the cooking pot (which would seem like a cauldron to the mice), and the ingredients being quite large. Because of this, it could be possible that there is anthropomorphic life on Transformice. This links back to the pop culture parallels since "Ratatouille" featured humans. However, if food-related mouth items in the shop are edible to mice, then dishes like the hamburger and cake would be edible.

Chez Gustave, the newly-mentioned venue, is the ideal place to get hired for cooking. The announcement post mentions mice running to its cooking pot and mixing ingredients carefully. It also mentions mice who distinguish themselves from the rest being hired at this restaurant. The windows in the background and the stairs used to reach the ingredients inside the barrels do not follow the theory of proportions, and thus accommodate mice. This means that Chez Gustave is meant to be for mice.


A ruined dish

The objective of the adventure map was for players to follow a recipe with little to no mistakes. The amount of mistakes that could be made was two before the third one led to a ruined dish. The order in which food went into the pot in the middle of the map did not matter. However, duplicates did. If more than one player with the same ingredient jumped into the pot, a demerit resulted.

Each time a demerit/failure occurred, a big red "X" was marked on the bottom of the recipe board. Once three mice with an incorrect or duplicate ingredient jumped into the pot or died, the dish was ruined and nobody earned rewards for that round. However, if the recipe was fulfilled with two or fewer mistakes, then the dish (varied depending on the recipe) would have fallen from an area above the map and would have landed above the pot with a margin about the size of a mouse. Also, if one did not move before the recipe was finished, one would have been considered AFK and would not obtain any rewards.

Because communication may have been more difficult in public rooms, in which there were likely to be many mice, including inexperienced mice oblivious to the event and what to do in order to succeed at it, it was recommended that players located themselves to rooms with experienced players or friends so that success was more likely due to the cooperative and knowledgeable environment of the room.

Dish Ingredients
Adventure 12 - dish 0.png
Collectible #13 Collectible #14 Collectible #15 Collectible #16
Cherry Egg Flour Chocolate
Adventure 12 - dish 1.png
Collectible #17 Collectible #18 Collectible #19 Collectible #20
Tomato Lettuce Cheese Croutons
Adventure 12 - dish 2.png
Collectible #21 Collectible #22 Collectible #23 Collectible #19 Collectible #24
Burger Buns Meat Pickles Cheese Fries

Progress can be seen in the adventure calendar (Calendar 20.png).

Show/Hide Map Parts


Calendar 20.png Reward
5 « Ratatouille »(389)
10 Cartouche #15
15 « King's Pastry Chef »(357)
20 Badge #144
25 « Pot-au-feu »(438) (New)

New items[]

Dino & Kitchen Party 2018 new items.png
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #159 Head 400 50
Neck item #36 Dilophosaurus frill Neck 600 60
Ball skin #11 Dino egg Ball 1500 50



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