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For the module, see Control. For shaman controls, see Shaman#Controls.

In Transformice, you can control the mouse you play as.
Note that for the controls to work, the chat must not be highlighted (the cursor be in it).
You can also do special actions by entering chat commands into the chat box.

Key Description Notes
or A Move left
or D Move right
or W Jump
or S Duck/Crouch Ducking does not change your hitbox
1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 0 Use an emoticon Each number shows a different emoticon
E or
Ctrl +
Throw confetti Confetti-icon.png
I Open inventory Opens your inventory, where you can see your consumables.
Enter Bring chat to focus Brings the chat text box into focus (instead of having to click it). Pressing Enter while in the chat-box will send the message / chat command, and then change the focus back to the game (or if empty will simply change focus back to game).
Y or Esc Room chat Will switch to room chat and bring chat box into focus; if already in room chat (vs some chat tab), it will have the same effect as pressing enter (bringing focus to the chat bar).
Shift+ Enter Expand chat Toggles the chat box from its default position to an extended version that goes up to the top bar. Note that the chat box must not be in focus when you do this.
Shift+R Whisper tab Opens whispers with the last player that messaged you in a new tab.
Tab Switch to chat tab Switches to a chat tab where you have unread messages.
If you have no chat tabs with unread messages, it switches to the #Room chat tab.

Also used to finish a nickname of a user in the same room as you automatically.

T Tribe Chat Switches your keyboard focus to the chatbox and types in "/t " which is the tribe chat command. Hit T, type your message, and then hit Enter to send.
R Whisper reply Changes your chatbox to respond to the last person who whispered to you.
Space Multiple The spacebar can do multiple things, such as:
← Backspace Chat tab cycling Pressing the backspace key while the chat is not highlighted cycles through the open chat tabs.
Shift + click Trade 10 items Trade multiples of 10 inventory items in the trade interface
Ctrl + F Fullscreen
Ctrl or Shift + click Remove all inventory notifications Use while clicking on an inventory notification on the bottom right. Useful when opening several Christmas presents at once.
Ctrl + click Copy nickname When clicking on a player's name, it copies the nickname to your clipboard instead of opening the player menu.

Room-specific controls[]


Key Description Notes
G Mort Kills you in bootcamp rooms.

Map Editor[]

Key Description Notes
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action Can be used for last 100 actions
Ctrl + Y Redo a previous action that you've chosen to undo Can be used for last 100 actions
Delete Delete item Item must be selected
D Duplicate item Item must be selected
Scroll Rotate the item Item must be selected
Shift + A Select all grounds
Shift + click Select multiple items to move Shift must be held while clicking on the items
Space + drag mouse Move the viewpoint of the map
Esc Reset the viewpoint of the map
M or K or L Spawn a mouse The mouse can be moved left, right or up. Holding makes it fly.
Shift + M or
Shift + K or
Shift + L
Spawn a mouse with cheese The mouse can be moved left, right or up. Holding makes it fly.

Wall jumping controls[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Wall jump

Note: Wall jumping does not work on lava or ice, but the same technique can be used to climb a very steep ice slope.

To wall jump on trampoline ground, hold the arrow key or the A/S key towards the trampoline and jump, but don't jump away from the trampoline ground like you'd normally do when wall jumping on other ground.

Please note that when you hit the wall, you should not be holding down .

  • When wall is at left: ++ and repeat with a good rhythm. Your mouse needs to have downward velocity when hitting the wall or else you will not be able to get the ability to jump. 
  • When wall is at right: ++ and repeat with a good rhythm. Your mouse needs to have downward velocity when hitting the wall or else you will not be able to get the ability to jump. 
  • When stuck in a corner: Run at the wall then very quickly jump (does not work if board, box, etc. is trapping you)

Chat commands[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Chat command

Chat commands can be entered into the chatbox in-game. Any time a backslash /starts off a message, that message will not be visible to other mice. Pressing Shift+ Enter while not in chat will expand the chat window.


Megaphone.png Main article: Emoticon

Emoticons are a series of images that can appear above a player's head in game once the proper number key is pressed. These do not show up in chat, and are different from emotes.


  • Pressing P used to open and close the Café but it was removed.