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Consumables[1] can be found in your inventory, which can be accessed by pressing I on your keyboard. Consumables first appeared during the 2014 fishing event. Consumables may only be used after the first 10 seconds of a round. To use/equip consumables inside your inventory, right click and choose your option.

The max number of consumable you can have in a single stack is 80. If an event gives you consumables, having the max amount may prevent you from getting a consumable reward.[2] As of March 2016, you will see what consumables you would have earned, even though the cap will prevent you from earning it.

Unlike event inventory items which typically have a rainbow border, consumables have either a silver border, or in a couple cases gold.

List of ConsumablesEdit


Megaphone Main article: Coin

When used, will add one currency of that type to your account. Does not effect any stats.

Cheese is tradeable like any other consumable, but other currencies are not tradeable. Other than cheese / fraise (which are both used to get currency), all other coins are only usable in village rooms.

ID Image Name Result Max Tradeable Obtain Event (Release)
800 Inventory 800 Cheese Cheese-currency 200 Tango Tick1 Events Epiphany 2016
801 Inventory 801 Fraise Fraise-currency 80 Tango Cross1 Events Piloting 2016
2253 Inventory 2253 Feather
200 Tango Cross1 Being shaman Shaman 2016
2254 Inventory 2254 Checkered Flag
200 Tango Cross1 Racing game mode Racing 2016
2257 Inventory 2257 Golden/Adventure Ticket
200 Tango Cross1 Events Easter 2016
2260 Inventory 2260 Cannonball Cannonball-currency 200 Tango Cross1 Survivor game mode Ninja 2016
2261 Inventory 2261 Military plaque[3] Military plaque-currency 200 Tango Cross1 Bootcamp game mode Ninja 2016
2343 Inventory 2343 Fraise fragment Fraise-currency ? Tango Cross1 Watch advertisements via an opt-in service
100 fragments = 1 fraise

Throwable ObjectsEdit

These consumables spawn objects into the game which are thrown by the mouse using them in the direction they are facing. Knockback is how much mice move on initial contact with the consumable.

ID Image Name Result Collidable Knockback Effect Event (Release)
1 Inventory 1 Pufferfish
Inventory 1 result
Tango Tick1 High Throws a Pufferfish. Fishing 2014
5 Inventory 5 Balls
Tango Tick1 Low Spawns 1 ball. Acts like a normal, shaman-spawned ball. All (Fishing 2014)
6 Inventory 6 Snowball
Inventory 6 result
Tango Tick1 High Throws a snowball. Christmas 2014
8 Inventory 8 Jack-O-Lantern
Inventory 8 result
Tango Tick1 Medium Throws a small, ball-like pumpkin. Halloween 2014
20 Inventory 20 Chicken
Inventory 20 result
Tango Tick1 Medium Throws a small, scared flapping chicken. Easter 2015
25 Inventory 25 Paper plane
Inventory 25 result
Tango Tick1 Tango Cross1 Launches a paper plane. Flies in an arc, back to the thrower's approximate location unless otherwise impeded. Back to School 2015
26 Inventory 26 Paper ball
Inventory 26 result
Tango Tick1 Medium Throws a paper ball. Back to School 2015
2250 Inventory 2250 Energy Orb
Inventory 2250 result
Tango Tick1 Low Throws an Energy Orb Armageddon 2016

Spawnable ObjectsEdit

These consumables spawn objects into the game, with varying effects.

ID Image Name Result Collidable Effect Event (Release)
11 Inventory 11 Tombstone
Inventory 11 result
Tango Tick1 Spawns a gravestone at your location and also kills you. It doesn't kill you when /mort doesn't work or in Room 801. The gravestone disappears 10 seconds after it's been placed. Halloween 2014
10 Inventory 10 Mistletoe
Decoration 59
Tango Cross1 Spawns mistletoe above your head and makes you and those near you throw a heart/kiss. Christmas 2014
15 Inventory 15 Snowmouse
Inventory 15 result
Tango Cross1 Spawns a snowmouse in the place you used the consumable. Christmas 2014
24 Inventory 24 Fish
Inventory 24 result
Tango Tick1(not with mice) Spawns a fish that jumps a few times then stops. Fishing 2015
28 Inventory 28 Bonfire
Campfire object
Tango Cross1 Spawns a Bonfire. Halloween 2015


Megaphone Main article: Costumes

Costumes, or skins, are temporary furs that last for 10 to 20 minutes. They will remain if you log out and back in. The only way to remove a costume before the time is up is to equip a fur over it (you can un-equip / re-equip your current fur).

ID Image Name Fur Tradeable Event (Release)
9 Inventory 9 Skeleton Shop-fur10 Tango Tick1 Halloween 2014
12 Inventory 12 Vampire Shop-fur33 Tango Tick1 Halloween 2014
13 Inventory 13 Christmas tree Shop-fur35 Tango Tick1 Christmas 2014
17 Inventory 17 Penguin Shop-fur37 Tango Tick1 Christmas 2014
18 Inventory 18 Easter bunny Shop-fur16 Tango Tick1 Easter 2015
19 Inventory 19 Milk carton Shop-fur42 Tango Tick1 Easter 2015
22 Inventory 22 Indiana Mouse Shop-fur45 Tango Tick1 Fishing 2015
27 Inventory 27 Pumpkin Shop-fur51 Tango Tick1 Halloween 2015
407 Inventory 407 Black and white cat fur Shop-fur7 Tango Tick1 Piloting 2016
2251 Inventory 2251 Elisah Shop-fur61 Tango Tick1 Armageddon 2016
2258 Inventory 2258 T-Rex Shop-fur66 Tango Tick1 Dino 2016
2308 Inventory 2308 Daisy Shop-fur75 Tango Tick1 Summer 2016
2439 Inventory 2439 Reindeer Shop-fur118 Tango Tick1 Christmas 2018


Megaphone Main article: Pets

Pets/deities/companions/familiars will follow you around for 1 hour before disappearing.

ID Image Name Sprite Event (Release)
31 Inventory 31 Reindeer
Familier 1
Christmas 2015
34 Inventory 34 Mouse Angel
Familier 3
Epiphany 2016
2240 Inventory 2240 Dragon
Familier 4
Dragon 2016
2247 Inventory 2247 Frog
Familier 5
Rain 2016
2262 Inventory 2262 Parrot
Familier 6
Pirate 2016
2332 Inventory 2332 Blue-Tongued Lizard
Familier 7
Back to School 2016
2340 Inventory 2340 Ghost
Familier 8
Halloween 2016
2437 Inventory 2437 Bat
Familier 9
Halloween 2018
2444 Inventory 2444 Cupid
Familier 10
Valentine's Day 2019

#2332 was added in memory of the deceased moderator, Xaniv[4]


Stationery PaperEdit

Stationery paper[5] allows you to send a picture to another player.

Click the "result" to enlarge.

ID Image Name Result Event (Release)
29 Inventory 29 Pumpkin Postcard Inventory 29 stationary Halloween 2015
30 Inventory 30 Christmas Postcard Inventory 30 stationary Christmas 2015
2241 Inventory 2241 Valentine's Day Postcard Inventory 2241 stationary Valentine's Day 2016
2330 Inventory 2330 Garden Postcard Inventory 2330 stationary Vegetable Garden 2016
2351 Inventory 2351 Saint Patrick's Day Postcard Inventory 2351 stationary


Paintbrushes allow you to draw on the map in a specific color within a limited radius until you die or the round ends.

ID Image Name Color Event (Release)
2252 Inventory 2252 Green #56C93E Saint Patrick's Day 2016
2256 Inventory 2256 Red #C93E4A Easter 2016
2349 Inventory 2349 Blue #52BBFB Carnaval de Rio 2017
2379 Inventory 2379 Orange #FF8400 Halloween 2017


ID Image Name Effect Event (Release)
2 Inventory 2 Blue Fireworks Spawns a blue firework above your head forming a circle. All (Fishing 2014)
3 Inventory 3 Pink Fireworks Spawns a pink firework above your head forming a heart. All (Fishing 2014)
16 Inventory 16 Snowflake Fireworks Spawns a white snowflake-shaped firework above your head. Christmas 2014
23 Inventory 23 Yellow Fireworks Spawns a golden yellow firework above your head forming a large circle. While the fireworks new players get (below) and events give look the same, the game considers them 2 separate items, since one is tradable while the other is not. Fishing 2015 (tradable)
0 Inventory 0 Yellow Fireworks (untradable) Spawns a golden yellow firework above your head forming a large circle. New players get 10 (untradeable). Before the Fishing Event 2015, only new players could get these fireworks. V1.229

Achievement sharingEdit

ID Image Name Effect Event (Release)
35 Inventory 35 Hot Air Balloon
Inventory 35 result
Launches a hot air balloon with a random badge from your profile. You will keep the badge. Piloting 2016
2239 Inventory 2239 Shop Cheese Counter Displays how much shop cheese you have above your head. Floats slowly upwards and disappears after 3 seconds. Kitchen Party 2016
2259 Inventory 2259 Playtime Counter Displays how much time a player has spent in-game above their head. 6th Anniversary


Using a "Tag" adds your username to the screen for the rest of the round, with a little icon next to it (icon depends on the Tag in use). This item changes depending on the event. If you collected the Egg spray and the event changed to the Fishing event, your Tags would change to Cheese tags. This is because all tags below are in fact the same item (ID: 4), and only the image for the item changes.

Image Icon Event (Release)
Inventory 4 Cheese Fishing 2014
Inventory 4-halloween2014 Citrouille (Consommable) Halloween 2014
Inventory 4-christmas2014 Cadeau Christmas 2014
Inventory 4-easter2015 Oeuf Easter 2015
Inventory 4-school2015 Dessin en craie Back to School 2015
Inventory 4-halloween2015 Chauve-souris Halloween 2015


These consumables' purpose is purely to perform unique animations. Once used they are consumable and show the animation for a short time. These cancel out when you move.

ID Image Name Effect Animation Event (Release)
33 Inventory 33 Party blower Your mouse blows on a party blower. Souffler dans un sans-gêne New Year's 2016
2234 Inventory 2234 Jigglypuff's Microphone Makes your mouse sing at a microphone, putting nearby mice to sleep. Sleeping is both in reference to Jigglypuff[6] and the event it was release for. Inventory 2234 singing The Groundhog 2016
2246 Inventory 2246 Festive Dance Makes the user perform a carnaval-esque confetti dance. Carnival Dance Carnaval de Rio 2016


ID Image Name Effect Animation Event (Release)
14 Inventory 14 Snow Spawns snow above your head. Lasts 8-10 seconds. Christmas 2014
21 Inventory 21 Selfie stick Holds the selfie stick in your mouse's hand until you move and snaps a photo. It generates a picture of your mouse and the closest mouse or mice near you and gives you the option to save it to your computer.
Fishing 2015
2232 Inventory 2232 Rainbow Trail A rainbow trailer after you around for 10 seconds. Hugging 2016
2255 Inventory 2255 Dice Shows a random side of a die. Racing 2016
2346 Inventory 2346 Rose Petals Rose petals trail after you around for 10 seconds Valentine's Day 2017
2378 Inventory 2378 Leaves Autumn colored leaves swirl around you and then drift down. Unlike snow or rose petals, the leaves stay around your mouse as you move. Inventory 2378 animation Halloween 2017

Event RelatedEdit

These consumables are specifically linked to an event, and have no use out of the event (but do stay in your inventory after the event).

ID Image Name Effect Event
7 Inventory 7 Fortune Cookie Currently: Nothing. Historically: Earned you a heart for use in the Halloween 2014 event. Halloween 2014
32 Inventory 32 Zodiac Sign Shows your "astrological cheese".[7][8] It was left in the game as it was thought to be funny, as well as allowing new users to see their cheese type all year round.[9] New Year's 2016


  • Consumables can generally be used to troll other players, destroy the build of a shaman or just block the path.
  • Thrown Balls can be used to trigger the explosions on map 69 without a shaman.
  • Using the "ball" consumable, it used to be possible for players to get to areas otherwise inaccessible without the use of a shaman, giving an unfair advantage to players with this item (known as "ball jumping"), but was eventually removed for fairness.[10]
  • In Halloween 2014's edition for Halloween 2012 maps mice used these items to troll some mice such as pushing the cat with the ball and blocking mice falling with the gravestone. Surprisingly the consumables were completely blocked to prevent further incidents in 2015.
  • Before the Piloting 2016 event, Consumables were number up from 0. The last of these was #35, with ID following skipping around from 407, to 2200s (same ID range as event inventory items).
  • The Paintbrush item is seen as controversial by many people because of the ability to draw inappropriate things and words without the ability to hide the drawings, like you can with whispers and stationery paper.
  • The Blue-Tongued Lizard was made in memory of Xanthefleur, a Transformice Moderator that passed away prior to the event [11].


  • If you use a consumable right before moving or while moving, it will not spawn, but you will still lose the consumable from your inventory.