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Shaman creating conjuration

Conjuration is a shaman item that instantly spawns a temporary 10x10 blue square Conjuration square.png wherever the right mouse button is held. It disappears after 10 seconds.

Conjuration is a powerful trolling tool, because the temporary nature of the blocks makes it easy to maroon a group of mice on a bunch of blocks, then leave them hanging.

Mice have been seen drawing small pictures or writing words with the tool as well.


Its colour is identical to the featureless blue solid ground that appears on some maps, including those created by the map editor.

Each block spawns with a blue spark and lasts ten seconds after being summoned, after which it disappears.

Because conjuring instantly spawns blocks, shamans can run and "draw" simultaneously.

Alternatively, drawing on top of part of a mouse will push them away from the block so that they are standing on top of it or shoved to the side.

Mice can be caught between or "in" a set of these conjured blocks, making them stuck.


Crane.png Bug
Wtf glitch.png
Mice can be pushed through walls with conjuration.(can be helpful)


  • The object actually comes from a game called "Forteresse" ("Fortress" in French). In the game, the entire team can draw 8x8 blocks and must do so to either climb around levels or defend their base objective from being destroyed by the other team. Unlike here, these blocks are permanent until destroyed by gunfire.
  • This object can only be used in few select levels in which you may only use conjuration, spirit, and arrow.

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