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Companion Crate is a skill which allows a shaman to spawn a large and heavy crate with a sticky bottom.

Like portals and clouds, there can only be 1 crate on the map at a time, so spawning it again moves it to the new position.

Additionally, mice caught in the center are trapped inside until the crate is summoned again.


The crate itself has several unique properties:

  • It is as heavy as an anvil.
  • Its sides are as slippery as ice.
  • The top and bottom are as sticky as chocolate.

The sticky base makes the crate exceptionally hard to push along wood/grass ground, especially by other mice. (While on ice ground, the crate slides freely.)

Mice held inside will be released if the crate is resummoned elsewhere, deleted with a removal skill, or ghosted with the Architect skill.


The companion crate makes an effective roadblock that is easy to remove. Mice cannot wall jump over the crate's slippery sidewalls, and the sticky base prevents pushing. To remove the roadblock, resummon the crate in a different location.

A shaman might use such a roadblock to...

  • prevent mice from interfering with incomplete builds;
  • block the other shaman's hole in maps with two different-colored holes;
  • protect mice from hazards until a safe solution is ready; or
  •  corral mice for social skills like Chocokiss and Superstar.

Shaman vs. shaman[]

One shaman may attempt to trap the other in the crate. An imprisoned shaman cannot move. They may however summon objects outside of the crate or escape the crate through magical means. The companion crate is heavy enough to slow normal cannon shots, especially when stuck to flat ground. A grounded crate can also block an opponent's goal. 

If both shamans have the Companion Crate skill, one shaman's crate will replace the other's.


  • The companion crate is one of four trap items in the game. The others are the ice cubeearth symbol, and spider web.
    • Unlike the other traps, the companion crate can be removed and replaced without the aid of another shaman skill.
  • A custom map file can not place a companion crate, not even by using XML.


  • The companion crate is a reference to the Weighted Companion Cube, a staple of the Portal video game series created by game developer Valve.
    • In a similar vein, the crate's ability to trap mice inside reflects a fan theory that the cube stores human beings inside it.
    • The cube and the companion crate share the same heart mark on their side face. 
  • The crate's size and hitbox are equivalent to a box with four small planks bordering the edges.