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Cold Winter is a Lua event developed by Ediz #0095 that was made for the Christmas 2015 event.

How to play the map:

  • Mice collect wood by pressing Space when near a tree (wood cannot be collected from stumps).
  • Wood must be brought to the fireplace (left side of the map) and dropped by pressing Space.
  • Once enough wood has been brought to the fireplace it will be fully lit.
  • You will be given a random number (what position the action is in the sequence to get « Lumberjack »(376)) along with a window that shows a mouse doing a specific action (what action to do).

To get the new title « Lumberjack »(376), you have to do emotes in this order:

  1. sit
  2. cry
  3. laugh
  4. sleep
  5. laugh
  6. angry
  7. dance