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Circuit is a module that is similar to racing. In the minigame, the players race around a track multiple times.


All players will spawn at the starting point, running around the map, until you reach the starting point (or in some maps, portals will connect the edge of map and the starting point) to finish a lap. Like racing, this minigame has no shaman.

The players will race to finish all laps first before the others do, using their racing techniques and items obtained from surprise boxes.

Roughly halfway through the last lap, the player will get cheese so they can finish the map by going to the mouse hole.

Surprise Boxes[]

'Surprise' boxes are little boxes with a ? on them. Press , S , or Space to collect them and receive their contents. It will disappear and respawn later once collected. The content can be used by pressing E or Space.


The players who finish all laps first, second, or third will be announced. The timer will also be reduced to a small amount to play next circuit race.


Basic racing techniques, such as wall jumping, are necessary to finish most of the maps. However, it is possible to finish without any techniques by using items.