Unlike past Christmas events, mice can no longer collect presents in vanilla maps at random (only event maps). Although they are now used for other purposes.

This year, mice can unwrap gifts. Red gifts are scattered throughout an event map. If you traded Inventory 2210 Red presents, you will be rewarded with one Inventory 2211 Green present once you use them.

While Inventory 6 snowballs are collectible from presents, they can also be obtained by ducking () when a map randomly starts snowing (all along the top, not when a user makes a small snowy area). Snow is random and can happen on a maps cheese can normally be gained on.

Crane BugDucking when it's snowing does not always give snowballs.

The new Inventory 31 Reindeer pet is a consumable that last for 1 hour, and is a possible reward for opening Inventory 2210 Red or Inventory 2211 Green presents (green may be more likely to give).

  • Tip: You can trade gifts (and other items) in stacks of 10 by holding down Shift while you do it.
  • Tip: When on the Ski map (or in a room with 50+ mice), you can make it easier to find yourself by using the /watch [yourusername] command.


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • The Transformice Ski Resort
  • Pets/dainties

The Transformice Ski Resort used to only be visible from a distance on the login screen. However, 2015 brought a view of the resort's slopes, making it a primary setting for the event.

On the slopes, players were able to see wildlife such as the 'derp bird' and the fully-clothed penguin. These were both only previously seen as relics in the Fishing Event 2014 and the Christmas Event 2014, respectively, with the exception being the penguin, who was also an artifact in the Fishing Event 2015.

Another creature that players were able to see at the slopes were newly discovered dainties. Being the first pets to ever arrive to Transformice, reindeer were and still are equippable. Story-wise, they get tired after one hour of being equipped and wander off.

Event MapEdit

Ski MapEdit

Christmas 2015 ski

In this event, there is one special map, where the mice have to ski through the map and grab the red gifts scattered throughout the event map.

Players can press or to rotate the mouse, to jump, and to slow down. The player has to use the controls to traverse the map, grab presents, and avoid death.

Cold Winter MapEdit

Megaphone Main article: Cold Winter (2015)

The "Cold Winter" map is a LUA-made event that was released on 28 December 2015 (after the Christmas event had started).

To play this map, you must exit the house (go right), and collected firewood by going under a tree and pressing Space. You do not need fire wood from every tree. You must then bring your firewood back to the house (on the left) and place it in the fireplace (by again pressing Space). Once enough firewood is placed within, the fireplace will light, and you will be given a random number, along with a window that shows a mouse doing a specific action.

To obtain the title « Lumberjack »(376), you have to do the following actions in this order:

  1. sit
  2. cry
  3. laugh
  4. sleep
  5. laugh
  6. angry
  7. dance

AFTER the fire is fully lit, do them on either red or purple presents.

Unwrapping Gifts Edit

When you unwrap gifts, you may get consumables or cartouches. You will receive a title for a random number of gifts opened.

Rewards by presentEdit

Inventory 2210 Red only Inventory 2211 Green only

Inventory 2 Inventory 16

Inventory 13 Inventory 17 Inventory 3


Inventory 31 Inventory 30 Inventory 4-christmas2014 Inventory 6 Inventory 14 Inventory 10 Inventory 28 Inventory 23 Inventory 25 Inventory 26 Inventory 21 Inventory 15


Macaron 3

Macaron 1 Macaron 2

Badges Both
Badge 35 (after all 6 present-received event titles are obtained)


Unlock Reward
« Lumberjack »(376) "Cold Winter" Map (instructions)
Badge 68 Buy the Eskimouse fur

New ConsumablesEdit


Image Name Effect Obtain
Inventory 30 Christmas Postcard Send an image to a player on Christmas background. Inventory 2210 Red or Inventory 2211 Green present
Inventory 31 Reindeer Pet Reindeer follows you around for 1 hour. Inventory 2210 Red or Inventory 2211 Green present (green may be more likely to give)


Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency
Shop-fur53 Eskimouse Fur Fur 6000 400
Shop-head130 Toque Hat 400 40
Shop-eyes23 Ski goggles Eyes 500 50

See AlsoEdit


  • This is the first event to award Cartouches and Pets.
  • Initially there was a bug causing two consumables to drop when opening a gift (although only 1 was obtained by the gift opener).




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