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Remember Jingle? After hosting the spectacular Christmas 2010 party, he went on a vacation exploring places all around the world. I'm sure several lucky mice had the pleasure to meet him; share your exciting stories on the forums if you did!

Jingle is now back and welcomes you to his modest abode for Christmas. Don’t forget to bring some milk and cookies for Santa Maus and his reindeers!

New items[]

All the new shop items for Christmas 2013.

Transformice gives us three new shop items! The bobbie hat, the bell and the candy cane. You can obtain the candy cane when you have received 25 gifts, the beanie when you have received 120 gifts and the bell when you have received 425 gifts.

New Items
Image Name Type Cost
Mouth item #36 Candy cane Mouth 25 gifts received
Head item #113 Winter Bobbie Hat Head 120 gifts received
Tail item #10 Bell Tail 425 gifts received
Old items
Image Cost
Head item #21 Win 10 times in the snowball fight map
Ear item #3 Open 10 gifts
Neck item #3 Open ? gifts
Head item #42 Open 100 gifts
Head item #41 Open 280 gifts
Mouth item #16 Have 50 toys in the factory
Ear item #12 Open ~20 gifts
Neck item #10 Have 150 toys in the factory
Ear item #11 Open 100 gifts
Head item #85 Open 50 gifts
Head item #84 Open 200 gifts
Mouth item #25
Neck item #15
Ear item #23 Survive 5 times during the snowball fight map
Head item #104 160 gifts received
Mouth item #26 280 gifts
Tail item #2 Open 340/360 gifts


It was announced that there were new titles this year. Here are the list of new titles you can obtain this year:

Older titles can also be obtained, but a star is added at the end of the title.

Stars on Titles[]

In this event, a new feature for titles was also implemented. Your titles can now have stars next to them if you have caught them before the event has started. As an example, the title "Cookie" will become "Cookie ★". Plus, the color of the added star will also be special! *-* If you somehow received them on shop titles, it probably means you have given gifts to other or already received those titles. 


You can collect gifts in many shaman maps! When the event map comes, and you'll notice when it's here because you'll see Papaille dressed as Santa, you can go near the mouse you want to give your gift too. Remember: Gifting others will get you titles, gifting yourself or having others gift you will get you items.


Present-Christmas 2013.png
What do the numbers in the bottom right corner represent?
How many gifts you have so far / How many gifts have been given to you / How many gifts you have given to others



In this map, players are able to send and receive gifts. This is the only event map capable of doing this. To send someone a gift, you must click on someone's mouse and click on the option that pops up when you click on the mouse. The maximum amount of presents each person can give is 10 presents. If you receive a present, you can earn shop items or titles.

Toy Factory[]

As if one event wasn't enough, Transformice introduced another event! In this event, you collect toys to give to the elves on the map to unlock two of the three missing items that could not be obtained by the Christmas map! To collect toys, you duck when you come across a toy (a teddy bear, doll, or beach ball). When you are near an elf, you duck to give the elf your toys (1-3). You can obtain Rudolph's Nose when you have diven 50 toys to the elves, the title «Elfette» when you have given 100 toys to the elves and the Christmas Wreath when you have given 150 toys to the elves.

After collecting 100 toys, the letterbox at the entrance of Santa's Home opens. Clicking it gives you a pop up of a piece of paper of Santa and his elves giving you a present. If you pay close attention at the bottom left, the number "200" is written. After collecting 200 toys, you are able to spawn fireworks.

Snowball Fight[]

Also introduced in this Christmas Mania, we have a snowball fight game. When this map appears, you are split into teams. The team with the most people surviving at the end wins! Fun isn't it? You can also earn the title «Ange des Neiges» if you win a snowball fight 5 times and the Icicle Earrings if you survive a snowball fight 5 times.




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