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The Christmas 2012 event was released in V1.56, on 1 December 2012.


The advent calendar[]


This map is an Advent Calendar! To get your daily prize, you have to click on the number corresponding with the current date. For exemple, if it's 3 December, you have to click on the number 3.

Each day has its special prize! You can win free cheese, Fraises or brand-new items! Don’t be afraid if you can’t log in everyday though, you’ll be able to win these new items in another way.

Gifts and gifting[]


As you may have already noticed, you can find these little presents on every map – the shaman will have to help you get to them. You have to enter the hole with a present and cheese in order to increase your present count.

You can see your present counts and several other information in the right corner.


  • The blue number represents the number of presents you’ve collected.
  • The red number represents the number of presents you received.
  • The green number represents the number of presents you gave.

You get an item (from the past Christmas events) every 20 presents received and you get titles for giving presents to the other mice. If you don’t receive any, it means that you already own them.

You can unwrap your presents to increase the red number. Unwrapping them won’t increase the green number.

Event details[]

This event featured many changes, some of them new, for example a map with an Advent Calendar, but others already known by the users, like gifts in vanilla maps.

The shaman objects with a snowy skin

On the side of visual changes, the grounds skins changed again to the ones that have been seen in the 2011 Christmas event, also, the shaman objects changed too. The occasional snowing was another feature reintroduced in this event.


Noel 2012 1.jpg

The event map, map 560, featured a new way of getting cheese/fraises/items; the advent calendar.

In order to get the items in the advent calendar, players had to login each day, wait for the event map to play, then find the number on the map which was the same as the current date. For example; if it was December 4th, players would have to click on the mouse looking through the window [confirm].

Here is a list of what you could get by clicking the calendar.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cheese-currency.png Fraise-currency.png Mouth item #25 Cheese-currency.png Neck item #15 Fraise-currency.png Cheese-currency.png
20 cheese 5 fraises Chocolate bar 20 cheese Bell Scarf 5 fraises 20 cheese
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Ear item #23 Fraise-currency.png Cheese-currency.png Avatar01.jpg Cheese-currency.png Fraise-currency.png Cheese-currency.png
Icicle earrings 5 fraises 20 cheese Free forum avatars 20 cheese 5 fraises 20 cheese
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Head item #104 Fraise-currency.png Cheese-currency.png Noel 2012 1.jpg Head item #84 Mouth item #26 Cheese-currency.png Fraise-currency.png Head item #41
Ice cube item 5 fraises 20 cheese Free wallpapers Tree & Gingerbread 20 cheese 5 & Reindeer Antlers
22 23 24 25
Tail item #2 Cheese-currency.png Color #5 / Fraise-currency.png Fraise-currency.png
Star tail item 20 cheese Tan fur color /
50 Fraises
20 fraises


A new fur and four new items (the chocolate bar for the mouth, the icicle earrings, a gingerbread cookie and a star tail item) were added. The chocolate bar could be unlocked in the map of the event, the fur, was obviously not. All the items of the previous events could be unlocked too.

New items
Image Name Type
Mouth item #25 Chocolate Bar Mouth
Ear item #23 Icicle Earring Ear
Mouth item #26 Gingerbread Man Mouth
Tail item #2 Star Tail
Fur #14 Snow Fur Fur
Reward Requirement
Ear item #3 Open 40 gifts
Neck item #3 Open 20 gifts
Head item #42 Open 280 gifts
Head item #41 Open 420 gifts
Mouth item #16 Open 160 gifts
Ear item #12 Open 140 gifts
Neck item #10 Open 80 gifts
Ear item #11 Open 200 gifts
Head item #85 Open 240 gifts
Head item #84 Open 380 gifts


Title Gifts given Year
« Little Snowflake »(127) 1 2010
« Snowball »(288) 10 2012
« Christmas Spirit »(128) 20 2010
« Little Pixie »(129) 30 2010
« I'm cold »(289) 40 2012
« Santa Claus »(130) 60 2010
« Cookies »(240) 80 2011
« Grilled Chestnut »(290) 100 2012
« Christmas Cake »(241) 120 2011
« Whitebeard »(242) 140 2011
« Chaussette »(291) 160 2012
« Generous »(243) 180 2011
« Snowy »(244) 200 2011
« Souris Sapin »(292) 240 2012
« Snowstorm »(245) 290 2011
« Cookies Eater »(293) 500 2012


  • Players who already had the 24th box gift Color #5 were disappointed not to get anything on that day so it was changed so players who already had the fur color would get 50 Fraise-currency.png instead.[2]





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