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The 2011 Christmas Event started on 16 December 2011 with the release of V1.21.

For the update, some visual aspects of the game were changed to fit with the winter season. Grass grounds became snowy; many decorations such as bushes, flowers, and signs also had snow on them. On 17 December, map 800 and occasional snowing was released into the game.

Six new items (Christmas tree hat, Christmas stocking hat, Rudolph nose, candy cane earring, earmuffs, and Christmas scarf) were added in the shop on the day of the update. They could be obtained at random in some vanilla maps by clicking on presents which were placed in locations that mice usually could not get to without the help of the shaman. Mice could not get the present if they were jumping; they had to be idle, running or falling (not from a jump) to get the prize. The chances of getting an item was 10%. 40% of the time, the mouse obtained one cheese. There was a 50% chance of the presents being empty. Some mice may get a prize in a map, while others may not. If all 6 new Christmas items were obtained, along with all 4 of the 2010 shop items, mice could still receive a random shop hat from presents.

Along with the presents, there was also a mistletoe in some vanilla maps. By standing near or underneath the mistletoe with another mouse, both of them would obtain one "heart" which was counted at the bottom-right corner of the game screen. At a certain number of hearts, new titles could be unlocked.

Map 800 appeared randomly in rotation, and all mice had shaman abilities, and were also dressed up as Santa (Santa's hat, red ornament earring, pipe, and Santa's beard). This generally led to chaos and fighting over who could get the cheese and bring it back to the hole successfully.

Snowing was less common in the 2011 event than 2010. It happened every 30-40 minutes, and lasted for one minute. Similar to 2010, mice could throw snowballs by holding the down arrow or "S" key until a snowball was thrown, repelling whatever it hit. However, some glitches involving snowballs were not fixed, such as anchoring issues.

Sixteen new map decorations were added to the map editor with this update, along with a Christmas-styled background. Stone ground was also added to the game for use in the map editor.


The Christmas items follow a sequence to be obtained. Once you have all the preceding items, you will be able to get the next in the sequence

Image Name Order Type Year
Mouth item #16 Rudolph's Red Nose 1 Mouth 2011
Ear item #12 Candy Cane 2 Ear 2011
Ear item #3 Red Ornament 3 Ear 2010
Head item #42 Snowman Head 4 Head 2010
Neck item #10 Christmas Wreath 5 Neck 2011
Neck item #3 Santa's Beard 6 Neck 2010
Ear item #11 Earmuffs 7 Ear 2011
Head item #85 Christmas Stocking 8 Head 2011
Head item #84 Christmas Tree 9 Head 2011
Head item #41 Reindeer Antlers 10 Head 2010

Miscellaneous Shop Items[]

These items can also be obtained after completing the Christmas set: Head item #1 Head item #37 Ear item #1 Head item #48 Head item #65 Head item #43 Head item #27 Head item #12


# Title Achievement
127 Little Snowflake Be kissed under the mistletoe 1 times
128 Christmas Spirit Be kissed under the mistletoe 5 times
129 Little Pixie Be kissed under the mistletoe 15 times
130 Santa Claus Be kissed under the mistletoe 30 times
240 Cookies Be kissed under the mistletoe 45 times
241 Christmas Cake Be kissed under the mistletoe 60 times
242 Whitebeard Be kissed under the mistletoe 85 times
243 Generous Be kissed under the mistletoe 100 times
244 Snowy Be kissed under the mistletoe 120 times
245 Snowstorm Be kissed under the mistletoe 200 times