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The unnamed town that takes place in the Children's Day 2015 event map is known to have at least 2 apartments with 2 floors, a camp with 2 tents and a fireplace, a lake with a boat, 3 trees, 12 cut trees, a tiny café, a stand with two lights, while the main part of it is wooden.

At the east of the known map is a school, consisting of a hall, teachers' room, storage, a maths class—on the roof of the hallway is mouse peeking with glasses, a history class, a storage, an art class, another storage, a music class and another storage. The school doesn't have any seats.

Almost everything is made of wood in this town.


Known students of the school and their respecting points are:
History class:

Math class:

Another student could be the aforementioned mouse with glasses, but being not named it could be either of the known students. It could also be a teacher.


  • The students' names are some of the Atelier 801 staff members' names.