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Cheese Hunter is a backwards tag-styled module. Each round, the player with the most points becomes the cheese and must run from the other mice who want to catch the cheese. The mice try to catch the cheese using space when they are close enough to the cheese. Once they catch the cheese, they win. The cheese tries to keep mice from catching it. The cheese has the 'meep' ability (activated pressing X) and a superjump ability that they can use by pressing Z. The game ends once either half the room gets the cheese, when not enough mice are alive to win, or when the timer countdown is at 0:03 if the cheese is still alive.

At the top left corner, there is a widget with the following options on it; Help, Profile, Shop and Ranking. The help option is simple. Its opens up a pop-up that helps first-time players get the gist of the game. There are two options on the help pop-up called 'Mouse' and 'Cheese'. These options explain how to play the game.

The profile option opens up another pop-up. This shows the times you have been mice and cheese (rounds), the number of times you got the cheese (on mouse's side), the number of times you survived the mice (cheese's side) and the number of times you died.

The shop option allows the player to buy skins when they appear as the cheese. They can use cash (not cheese) that they win when getting cheese in cheesehunter only. Examples are cheese with mouse ears and tail, rotten cheese, bat cheese and rainbow cheese.

The ranking option records the top 10 mice or cheese who have survived or gotten the cheese. The ranking is calculated by a special score:

  • 5 points to your cheese ranking for each victory as cheese;
  • -3 points to your cheese ranking for each death as cheese;
  • 3 points to your mouse ranking for each victory as mouse;
  • -2 points to your mouse ranking for each death as mouse;


Image Price
Cheese Hunter Cheese.png Default
CH Cheese 2.png Locked, previously available via a code
CH Cheese 4.png Win using a customized item with a certain color code
CH Cheese 5.png win 400 rounds with The Puffy title
CH Cheese 7.png win 200 rounds with a customized head


  • This minigame was available to play as an unofficial mode as early as 30 September 2014.