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For a list of cheese thief maps, see Category:Cheese thief maps.

In cheese thief maps, the mouse with the highest points is a "thief", starting off with cheese and dying once 10 mice gather cheese.

The thief has a gold name. The thief's room points do not reset at the end of the map therefore the thief is likely to be the shaman on the following map. The map counts towards the thief's shaman saves.

At the start of all cheese thief maps, a message similar to USERNAME just stole the cheese! CATCH HIM/HER! shows up in the chat.

Shaman cheese thief maps were maps where the thief can spawn shaman items to stop mice from catching them; all of these maps have been removed from Transformice. Cheese thief maps are maps where the thief cannot spawn shaman items.

Current maps[]

Former maps[]