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Cheese farm is a method of obtaining cheese and experience quickly. It can also be used to get collectibles such as presents Collectible 1.png quickly.


  • Chat #farm is used to share cheese farm rooms. They are usually private vanilla rooms.
  • Do not be AFK.
  • On Dual Shaman maps, all mice must go to the blue hole. This is called the blue rule.
  • Before you leave the room, you should thank the room by saying "ty farm".
  • At least 2 mice are required for cheese and experience (from entering the hole) to count and 3 mice for saves and experience (from saving mice). See Requirements. For shaman coin requirements, see here.
  • Since 2020, shop cheese only increases for the first 60 gathered cheese in a 30 minutes interval, starting from when you gather the first cheese. After that, gathered cheese only increases the stat on your profile, but not the cheese count in the shop, until the 30 minutes is up. For example, if you completed 58 normal maps and 2 dodue (multiple cheese) maps where you collected 3 cheese each, your shop cheese count will increase by 58 + (2 * 3) = 64 and will not increase further until 30 minutes has passed since the first completed map. This limit may have been implemented to discourage cheese farming.


Essential skills[]

Useful skills[]

  • Skill icon - Big Cheese.png Big Cheese - Makes the cheese bigger.
  • Skill icon - Speed Boost.png Speed Boost - Summons a bonus that increases the mice's speed.
  • Skill icon - Spring.png Spring - Summons a bonus that makes the mice bounce.
  • Skill icon - Cloud.png Cloud - Summons a cloud.
  • Skill icon - Endurance.png Endurance - Increases your Shaman's speed.
  • Skill icon - Angel.png Angel - You can deploy your wings by pressing the up button.
  • Skill icon - Aerodynamic Balloon.png Aerodynamic Balloon - Increases the balloon's speed.
  • Skill icon - Pre-inflated Balloon.png Pre-inflated Balloon - The first balloon(s) are instantly summoned.
  • Skill icon - Master Summoner.png Master Summoner - Increases your summoning speed.
  • Skill icon - Anti-spirit.png Anti-spirit - The transparent spirit summons an Anti-spirit.
  • Skill icon - Architect.png Architect - You can change the transparency of a summoned object.
  • Skill icon - Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye - Increases the summoning range by 30%.
  • Skill icon - Reflex.png Reflex - Increases your summoning speed but decreases your summoning range.
  • Skill icon - Spidermouse.png Spidermouse - Summons a spider web.
  • Skill icon - Solitary.png Solitary - No more soulmate.
  • Skill icon - Grapnel.png Grapnel - Allows you to hang anywhere.
  • Skill icon - Booster.png Booster - Applies a booster.


  • On 11 June 2020 (V1.579), a cooldown for the /mort command and the Ambulance skill was added, to slow down cheese farming. They cannot be triggered before 15 seconds.


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