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Cheating, commonly incorrectly referred to as hacking, is the act of bypassing limitations set by Transformice. Cheaters use third-party programs that, oftentimes, exploit Transformice by editing the RAM (random-access memory) of the process running Transformice.swf—or by hex-editing the binaries of the .swf.


Cheating is a severely bannable offense in Transformice and will result in a 360-hour ban by a moderator if the cheater is caught. If the cheater is caught a second time with the same account, the account will be permanently banned.

Administrators and moderators are regularly monitoring various rooms to catch people breaking the rules of the game, including cheaters. Moderators sometimes use multiple accounts to spy on a multitude of rooms at times.

Spotting and reporting cheaters[]

Often, cheaters will attempt to disguise their hacks as an example of being professional at the game. There are several signs to tell if they are doing this:

  • They make jumps with cheese which would otherwise be impossible with the weight thereof.
  • They are seemingly "lagging" to the front of the other mice.
  • They capture the cheese without coming in contact thereof.

If you spot cheaters, these are the things which you should do:

  1. Do not use the chat to notify the other mice that there is a cheater in the room, as that can potentially make the cheater leave the room in an effort to prevent his or her potential ban or report.
  2. Use the /report username command in order to report the player who is hacking.
  3. Use the /mod command if there is no response from a moderator within a few minutes
  4. If there is a moderator online, you may try to whisper them with the /w username command.
  5. If there are very few or no moderators online, or if a moderator has disabled their incoming whispers, you can use the /ban username command in order to vote-kick the hacking player. Ten other players [confirm] are required to use the same command in order to successfully kick the player.
  6. If no action is pursued against the cheater by a moderator, you can find a moderator here, PM them, and tell them the name of the cheater, the room number which the cheater was in, how the cheater was cheating, and the date when you found a cheater.

Known cheats[]

A multitude of cheats have been created since the release of Transformice. The most common one today is the "fly cheat" (elaborated below). All of the cheats found today are client-side and can easily be patched by synchronizing actions invoked by the client with the server and room host. These are usually created by hex editing the Transformice.swf file. Alternatively, users utilize memory editing applications such as Cheat Engine (CE) to edit the memory of the container of the .swf.

Tango Cross1.png - Not currently patched Tango Cross0.png - Currently unpatchable Tango Tick1.png - Patched
Cheat name Patched? Condition Effect
Recursive jump Tango Cross0.png Alive Enables the user to bypass the single-jump restriction, essentially flying. Also known as the "fly cheat" and "infinite jump". As of version 0.59, a detection method has been implemented, albeit can be circumvented.
All normal items Tango Cross1.png Only shaman Shaman has the ability to spawn any item, no matter what the map blocks.
Instant cheese Tango Cross0.png Alive User instantly gains the cheese upon the designated activation. This was possible due to a bug that has later been fixed. [citation needed]
Spawn instantly Tango Cross1.png Only shaman Removes the casting time of Shaman casts, so that they can spawn everything instantly.
Recursive spawning Tango Cross0.png Only shaman Spawns shaman items simultaneously with no cast time. This is usually used to spam shaman objects.
Spawn anywhere Tango Cross0.png Only shaman Allows the Shaman to spawn at any coordinate visible on the map. Varyingly, within map boundaries.
Speed cheat Tango Cross0.png Alive Allows the user to increase speed to any limit.

User appears to "lag" in distances to other mice. Automatically detected at high speeds.

Unused item Cheat Tango Cross1.png Only shaman Modifies the Shaman menu to access unused items that are hidden in the game, including anchors.
Gravity cheat Tango Cross0.png Alive Alters the gravity of the user.
Jump height Tango Cross0.png Alive Modifies the jump height of the user.
World gravity cheat Tango Cross1.png Only Host Changes the world gravity which essentially affects all users.
180° map view rotation cheat Tango Cross0.png Always Defuncts the 180° rotation on maps that are upside-down. Client-side.
No mouse collision Tango Cross0.png Alive Disables the collision of the user allowing the user to pass through mice on collision-based maps.
Anti-explosion Tango Cross0.png Alive Disables the effect of bombs, balls, spirits, and sheeps from affecting the user's position and velocity.
Teleportation Tango Cross0.png Alive Enables the user to teleport to any coordinate visible to them.
Anti-AFK Tango Cross1.png Always Bypasses the 50-minute AFK timer that disconnects you after idleness.
Anti-flood Tango Cross0.png Always Removes the 1-second delay between messages.
Anti-identical messages Tango Cross0.png Always Disables the identical message limit, allowing the user to repeat the same message more than once in an instance.
No death barrier Tango Cross1.png Alive Removes the death barrier, allowing the user to navigate anywhere visible. However, user becomes non-responsive when leaving the bounds, thus stalling the remainder of the round.
Ghosting Tango Cross1.png Alive Allows the user to pass through any solid objects:

walls, items, mice, etcetera.

Grapple hook Tango Tick1.png Alive Re-enables the deprecated Grapple Hook utility. This was first introduced with Transformice's release, but has since then been disabled, but not removed via the source code. Visibility of the actual grapple hook is client-side.
Custom standalone client Tango Cross1.png Always Allows users to execute the .swf in a standalone client by a .exe locally (from a computer). Commonly used to increase the visibility of Transformice, bypassing the original cropped size. Usually used by cheaters to execute hex-edited .swf's containing exploits for ease. Do not confuse this with external players loading by the Transformice URL.
Cheese and hole displacement Tango Cross0.png Only host Allows the user to change and update the coordinates of the cheese(s) and the hole(s)
No night mode Tango Cross0.png Always Allows playing levels without the visuals of the night mode.
Spawn explosions Tango Cross0.png Only host Allows the user to spawn the powerful explosion given off by a bomb.


Macros are third-party programs that assist the player in performing various skills, such as wall jumping. These are scripts that automate button presses. Since August 2020, using macros or filterkeys to obtain any kind of advantage in game is considered cheating and is sanctioned just like any other hack.