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Chat commands perform useful functions in the Transformice client such as changing titles or whispering to another player. To use a chat command, type a forward slash (/) into the chat window followed by the command name. Commands are not visible to other players, and they must be entered into the main chat window to function. Those not supported are not taken in effect or shone.

Below is a full list of commands supported by Transformice.

List of chat commands

Player commands

Command Effect
/title, /titre, /titulo or /titel [number] Lists all of the titles you have earned. Include a title's ID number to switch to that title.
/mort Kills your mouse (gives a +1 score for the round).

Room commands

Command Effect
/room [roomname]

Goes to the specified room or creates a new room with that name.

  • Having a "*" before a room name signifies an international room
  • Having a "#" before a room name signifies a minigame / special room.
or /salon, /sala, /kamer, /zimmer
/pw [password] Allows a player to set a password for a private room they have created (e.g. /pw cheese)
/x_eneko [username (optional)] Goes to "Training [your username]", unless username specified, then it goes to "Training [specified username]".
/salonauto [roomname] Changes to a room with the specified word followed by a number
/bootcamp Changes to a random bootcamp room, or specified room (e.g. /bootcamp3)
/vanilla Changes to a random vanilla room, or specified room (e.g. /vanilla3)
/survivor Changes to a random survivor room, or specified room (e.g. /survivor3)
/racing Changes to a random racing room, or specified room (e.g. /racing3)
/defilante Changes to a random defilante room, or specified room (e.g. /defilante3)
/editor or /editeur Sends you to the map editor.
/totem Sends you to the totem editor. (Unlocked after saving 1000 mice.)
/mulodrome Starts a team-based racing map (max 10 mice). Can only be done in a private room you created (no one in it before you).
/tutorial Sends you to "[Tutorial] YourNameHere"
/module Lists "official" minigames that are available.

Social commands

These commands let you talk to other players, create / manage chats, ignore and report players, etc.

Command Effect
/c or /w [username] [message] Allows you to message another player privately.
/c* or /w* [username] [message] Allows you to message another player privately in a new tab.
/friend, /amigo, /ami, /vriend or /freund [username] Adds the user to your friends list.
/ignore [username] Adds the user to your ignore list.
/chat Creates / joins a chat room.
/who, /quem or /qui Displays the list of players in your current chat room.
/profile, /perfil, /profil or /profiel [username] Open the user's profile (they need to be in the same room for it to work), or opens yours if no username is given.
/calendar [username] Opens a user's Adventure Calendar (they need to be in the same room for it to work), or opens yours if no username is given.
/mute [username] lets you ignore a player's messages.
/silence [reason] Toggles all whispers on/off, except for friends (give a reason is optional)
/silence* [reason] Toggles all whispers on/off, including for friends (give a reason is optional)
/ban [username] If 10 players (in the same room) vote to ban a player, they will be removed from the room for an hour. A message is sent to the chat when a player is votebanned: "[•] Nickname#0000 o/".
/report [username] A popup will appear and you will be asked why you would like to report the player. A moderator will decide about the case when two people report.

If a player you reported gets banned from the game you will receive Karma. Karma tells the moderators how believable your reports are.

/watch [username] All mice are turned semi-transparent (including NPC mice), except the mouse with username entered who is tinted pink. Multiple mice can be selected. This can be turned off by typing just /watch by itself. This is used a lot in racing rooms 
/clear Clears the chatbox.
/mod See how many moderators are online.
/mapcrew See how many map crew are online.
/f [country code] Waves a flag representing that country.

For the countries and their codes, read more.

/trade or /echange [username] Sends trade request to specified player. (Must be in the same room.)

Tribe commands

Command Effect
/t [message] Sends a message to tribe chat. Pressing T also allows you to use tribe chat.
/t*, /tc or /mt Opens tribe chat in a new tab
/inv [username] Invites the user to your tribehouse.
/invkick [username] Kicks the user who was invited to your tribehouse.
/module [modulename] Runs a module (minigame) (example: /module #fight). To stop the minigame, type the command followed by "stop".
/np [code] Changes map to specified map (ex: /np 34), or changes back to default map if no map specified.
/npp [code] Changes map, but waits for 1st map to end, will only switch in a tribe house or utility
/neige Makes it snow in the tribe house for 1 minute. Enter in command again to stop. (You must have particle effects enabled to see the snow.)
/ch [username] Defines who will be the next Shaman.
/sy [username] Define who will be the sync. Enter the command with nothing to reset.
/sy? Find out who the current synchronizer is.

(one has to be a rank that's able to load maps)

/musique [YouTube video URL/MP3 link] Plays the YouTube video/MP3. YouTube videos will only play if there's a TV in the tribe house. The link with ".mp3" in the end of it will only play for mice who has "Play music" option selected in the in-game settings window.

Free gifts and promotional codes

Each ones of these commands will award you the first time they are used (although /code can use different code, each code is only good for one use).

Command Effect
/facebook Will award your mouse with 20 cheese the first time, as well as open up the Transformice Facebook page. Added in V0.126.
/atelier801 Head item #95 Gives you a cake hat in your shop inventory.
/code Opens the box for typing codes that give rewards (from contests, attending a convention they are at, etc.).
/anvilgod 73 Badge #269While wearing the Mouth item #1 mustache, go to any Village room. Standing on the red chair located in the treehouse with Elise and Papaille, type /anvilgod 73.

Note: the mustache item must be the default color in order to obtain the badge.

  • Badge #9 While not a chat command, you can also gain the Transformice 4th birthday badge by performing the action sequence "confetti, dance, confetti, clap, kiss" (don't do it too fast, also must be done on either map 0 or a user-made map).
  • Ear item #9 You can also obtain a Cheese Earring for free by registering your email.

Other commands

Command Effect
/lsmap List all the maps you have created.
/time Shows accumulated play time for your account.
/nue Disables/Enables the display of accessories used by other mice. Begins to assert in the next round. This does not override the game disabling them when there are 50+ mice in the room, on bootcamp rooms, etc.
/font [font] Changes the chat's font. font is a font you have on your system (default = verdana). Typing "/font" without a font specified will reset your font to the default.
/fontsize [#] # is a positive whole number (default = 12)
/music or /musique [number] Play a YouTube video while enjoying maps.
/langue [language] Change the language used by the game (does not affect messages already onscreen). Must be a valid 2-letter language code, or else the game the game while be stuck with a black semi-transparent overlay and unresponsive to mouse clicks. E.g. /langue es.
/clavier Change between English and French keyboard.
/fs Enable / disable the fullscreen function (full screen).
/nosouris Writes "Espèce de vieille souris." (Species of old mouse) into the chat and turns off the tutorial.
/cafe Spawns multiple small Café icons across the screen that can only be removed by logging off or clicking them. Clicking also has a small chance to spawn over 5 more buttons at that location, making clicking to remove them tricky if you have a lot on screen. This command is mostly used for trolling other players.
/dressing Opens the dressroom, where you can try out outfits, even if you don't own them.

Technical stuff

Command Effect
/ping View your ping.
/ips Shows in the upper left corner of the game screen, the frame rate per second and current data in MB / s download.
/cips Shows a graph with the current frame rate per second. The chart can be dragged anywhere on the screen.
/debug Shows the collision boxes and physics of the game at work.
/shooting Removes text bubbles above mice. Intended for better videos where you can always see names and hide chat.
/version Shows the "changelog" for the current version (in French). Some descriptions of version updates were kept for months and the descriptions were removed in V1.291.
/lua Opens up a window to write in the Lua scripting language.
/info [code] Displays information on the current map or the map specified.
/infoshop When in the shop, shows the category and ID of each item on the top left corner (e.g. "0, 3"; first number is category).
/parrain Opens up the referral window.
/changepass Opens the Change Password window.
/sauvertotem Saves the current totem. You must be in totem editor for it to work.
/resettotem Reset the current totem. You must be in totem editor for it to work.

Mode-specific commands

Music rooms
Command Effect
/skip If enough people skip, video will end early.

Removed commands

Command Type Effect
/^^ Technical stuff Displayed information from your client / browser, Flash Player and system used to run the game.
/dance Animation /dance was added in V0.49, /laugh and /cry in V0.55. They were later removed due to unknown reasons.
/filter or /filtre Interacting with others Disable/enable chat filter allowing to see bad words. Was removed because option was moved to the options menu.
/fps60 Technical stuff Switch between 36 fps mode and 60 fps mode manually.
/hynixy Other During the Transformice 4th Anniversary enigma you would get replies of "no", "nop" and "try again".
/modeexpo Other Removed the left side of the old standalone bar.
/ranking Other Displayed the current highest scorers in various categories
/election Other Brought up the election window and told you how to use it.
/tribunal Other Redirected you to a special room that would help moderators by watching reported players and deciding whether or not they are breaking the rules in the specified way.

External links

  • Many of the less-common commands listed here were found on It is a great resource; however, it is in Portuguese.


  • /mulodrome and /pw both used to require a room name to start with your username for them to work before V1.270.
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