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Users playing Transformice can chat using the chat bar. Messages said by other people show up above their player mouse on the map (unless they are dead or have already entered the hole) and in the chat bar. Typing messages in the chat bar displays the message to everybody in the room, unless they have ignored you.

Chat messages sent by the shaman are normally blue, but can be pink if they are the pink shaman on a Dual Shaman map.

You can enable timestamps in the options (the gear icon next to the green coffee icon below the emotes) which will show in room messages, tribe messages, and whispers.


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Whisper or whispering is a feature that allows you to send private messages to another user. You can whisper by using the /c *username* *message* or /w *username* *message* commands, or by clicking on someone’s username and then clicking Whisper below their username. You can also click on Whisper (tab) to have a separate tab for the whisper conversation with this specific person. Whispered messages appear in the chat just like normal messages do, but with distinct colors. Received whispers appear in a shade of dark orange, whilst sent whispers appear in a shade of light yellow. Received messages will also show what server the person is in, e.g. e2 in the screenshot above, but sent whispers will not. Sent whispers will have a < symbol at the beginning whilst received whispers will have a > symbol. If you have timestamps enabled, whispers will also show time stamps just like room chat messages.

Whisper format:

>/< [time stamp] [server] [username] message

Tribe chat[]

You can chat with other people in your tribe by using the /t *message* command. Messages will appear in a green color and only online people in the same tribe as you will see the messages.

You can use the /tc, /t*, or /mt commands to open the tribe chat in a new tab.


  • The /mt command would mute the tribe chat before, but was removed in an unknown update to discourage spam.

Chat lingo[]

See also: Slang

The following are the words and phrases which people usually use in the chat to show their feelings to - When the shaman dies, mice often start mass suiciding or making impose while shouting SPAAARTTAAA! This was originally a reference to the movie 300, in which the Spartan army fights despite a guaranteed death. It has since evolved into a general cry uttered when doing something suicidal, such as falling off a wall to their doom. (More on this meme.)

  • Abandon ship - Shouted when aboard a car or airship that tips over or malfunctions terribly.
  • FOR _____! - Shouted all of the time by everyone in support of whomever, or whatever they are shouting for. Commonly used is "for pony!" a references to the web comic Looking for Group. Or "for Narnia!" a references to the movies and books of The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • GOGOGO - A very enthusiastic way of telling a mouse or mice to hurry. Sometimes aimed at the shaman. Commonly just "GOGOGO," but often exceeds that (for example "GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGGOG"). The more "GO"s, the stronger the emphasis.
  • Beam me up, Scotty! - Used in levels that require assistance of balloons stuck to mice, and is also a catchphrase from Star Trek.
  • Shoot me! - Used by either experienced mice to reach cheese or by mice looking for a more exciting method to gain the cheese. The mouse is effectively asking to be shot by a cannonball to propel themselves fast across a map and gain cheese faster.
  • Balloon me, plz! - "Plz" is short for please and this is shouted when mouse want to be attached to balloon.
  • Bloon - Another spelling of balloon.
  • GF - Good fail, the way to express your disdain for another mouse's failure.
  • tryhard - someone who has more mice saved than cheese gathered.
  • Failship - An airship fails, mainly when the ship starts to lean, more experienced mice starts to say "failship" or "fail ship."
  • Anvil god - A bunch of anvils with motors making them spin out of control wildly.
  • Plank god - A contraption on map 64 that deals blind justice by flinging some mice off the map and sparing others.
  • Troll - Referring to the internet troll, described here.
  • Salmon - An alternative to "shaman" in some rooms. In some rooms requests for the shaman to help will only be answered when the Shaman is addressed as a "salmon." This can be used to catch out new players or identify those who are not regularly playing in the room, as they will most likely have no idea what a Salmon is. E.g. "Salmon is about to troll. Stand back!" New players will be unaware of the impending doom while regular, more experienced mice will more likely stand back and enjoy the show.
  • Shammy A variation of the word "shaman." A shorter alternative is "sham."
  • Shamwow A variation of the word "shaman." Usually used when the shaman has does something good. May also be used sarcastically when the shaman fails such as "best shamwow ever." Refers to the popular ShamWow.
  • Ping war When many mice are entering the hole at exactly the same time, for example in portal maps, the mouse with the lowest ping wins.

French chat lingo[]

Lingo Full form Translation Meaning
chamy/cham Chamane Shaman
svp S'il vous plaît Please
from Fromage Cheese
mdm Map de merde Map is crap Used to identify very easy custom maps, "obstacle course," or a map hard to teamwork in
cdm Chamane de merde Shaman is crap Used when shaman is trolling or showing inexperience.

It is also the French equivalent of the title « Troll Shaman »(108), obtained after saving 65,000 mice in any mode.

sdm Souris de merde Mice are crap/mouse is crap Used when the majority of mice are trolling or showing inexperience
adm Âme de merde Soulmate is crap Used when one's soulmate is trolling the other or showing inexperience in soulmate maps
tdm Totem de merde Totem is crap Used when a totem is trolling
mdr mort de rire Dying of laughter French equivalent of LOL


Megaphone.png Main article: Chat command

Various commands may be typed into chat window. These always start with slash and allow players to do things like switching rooms (/room), sending private messages (/w). or making mice do various emoticons (/dance, /cry, /laugh, /kiss). These were later removed.

Codes and symbols[]

The chat box previously supported certain characters from unicode and ASCII, as well as HTML codes, however, it was removed during the Dance update, due to certain users abusing the chat, by inserting command characters such as nulls. As a result, the number sign (#) has been disabled from the chatbox. It is currently unavailable.


Channels are individual chat rooms which users can join and create.

To join/create a channel, use the /chat channelname command, e.g. /chat viva la revolución.

Every channel has a # in front of its name, so /chat cheese will create a channel called #cheese.

Every time you log into Transformice, there is a chance you will join your country's specific channel.

For example, if your IP address is French, you will join the #france channel.

Closing a chat tab with Ctrl allows you to not merge the tab messages with the main chat, as of V1.371.

Channels manually opened with the /chat command will be automatically opened during next login, as of V1.374.


You can ignore other players by using the /ignore *username* command or by clicking on their username and then Ignore under Moderation.
This will prevent you from seeing any of their room chat messages, channel messages, and whispers.
To unignore someone, click on the heart on the left of the chat text box Friends button.png and click on the Ignored button to find a list of people you have ignored.

Note: It is impossible to unignore someone by clicking on their username and then Ignore again, or by using the /ignore *username* command again.

Game messages[]

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Message Description
All players
Thanks to Nickname, we gathered X cheese! Cheese recovered under a shaman
Nickname is now your shaman, follow her! Who the current shaman is (only if not dual)
Nickname#0000 has just unlocked the «Title» title. A player unlocks a title
Nickname#0000 won a new badge! A player unlocks a badge
Nickname#0000 is now level X! A player levels up
[•] Nickname#0000 o/ A player is votebanned from the room
• [SERVER] The server will restart in XX minutes. The server is being restarted
• [SERVER] The server will restart in XX seconds.
Nickname just stole the cheese! CATCH HER! Who the thief is on cheese thief maps
You only
Nickname is now your soulmate! Who your soulmate is on partner maps
You just entered room [vanilla1]. Type /room RoomName to create or join an existing room. You enter a room
No cheese for you! ^_^ You lose a map
Cheeeeeese *-* (Xs) You win a map
Type /title to choose a title. You unlock a title
Your new title will be «Title» after the end of this turn. You unlock a title or change your current title
You won a new badge! You unlock a badge
Type /title X to choose a title in the list below :
/title 0 -> «Little Mouse»
You use the "/title" chat command
[•] You have joined the channel [channel], use the command /who to list the online members on this channel. You join a channel
[•] Nickname1#0000, Nickname2#0000 You use the "/who" chat command
You're the shaman! Help your disciples to get the cheese! You are the current shaman
You earned X experience points by saving X mice! Your shaman turn ends
Message sent You send a letter
Espèce de vieille souris. You use the "/nosouris" chat command ("Species of old mouse" in French)

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