For cartoon series characters, see Transformice - The Cartoon Series.

Characters are playable and non-playable personae who each have a specific role to the story line of Transformice. Some only traverse the populated lands of Transformice in specific times of the year, occasionally leading to events. As of Christmas 2015, it has been confirmed that role playing will increase, making characters much more prominent.[1]

Non-playable characters are called "NPCs."


Image Name
Goddess-shaman Elisah
Lananah HD Lananah
Cheese Moon The Cheese Moon
The Three Shaman Queens The Three Shaman Queens
Blue Dragon Dragon
Cruel God
BOSS AnvilGod Anvil God

In-game Story NPCsEdit

These are prominent in-game NPCs that have appeared in-game at least once.

Image Name
Papaille HD Papaille
Elise HD2 Elise
Jingle HD Jingle
Drekke Archain von Drekkemaus
Buffy HD Buffy
Voldemouse Voldemouse
Indiana Mouse HD Indiana Mouse
Chat squelette render Skeleton cat
Headmaster HD Prof
King Fromagnus King Fromagnus
Charlotte Charlotte
Cassidy Cassidy

Tigrounette NPC HD

Tutorial Mouse HD Tutorial Mouse
Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper
Pigeon - Fishing 2015 Pigeon
Brice Brice
Server (character) Server
Berta Berta

In-game Minor CharactersEdit

While these characters may play an important role in an event, they are not the main characters in it. These may be NPCs or players (such as a player becoming a wizard, bunny, etc.).

Image Name
Vampire Vampire
Squelette HD Skeleton
Fantôme Ghost
Sorcier Wizard
New Cupid Cupid
Easter Bunny HD Easter Bunny

Not in-gameEdit

These are characters that have been referred to, but not seen in-game.


Image Name
Shaman Shaman
Mouse Mouse