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Chaostmas is a Christmas Lua event that ran from 26 December 2019 to 30 January 2020.

The map appeared in rooms every 40 to 60 minutes.


Find details on the announcement.

Santa Claus has disappeared, the Shaman Goddess is unable to do anything due to her absence, and the yetis went crazy. Mice are forced to save Christmas.


First part[]

When you arrive on the map, this dialogue appears:

[•] Oh, look! An elf, and... Heey, he is hurt! Go near him and press [spacebar] to check what happened.

You advance in the map, and notice yetis blocking your way. Just press nearby Space to throw snowballs with the fire power[1] to inflict damage on them. It is not possible to go to the next floor without having beat all the yetis of the current floor. Repeat the battles for the 6 floors of the map. Then, when you get to the top floor, these dialogs appear:

[Gerso] Oh, look! There is a missing piece of the tree right there! B-but... the wizard, we need to go through him first.

[Wizard] How dare you challenge me, little mouse!? Do you think you are brave? Let's see if you're capable of facing my wrath!

When you reach the top floor, your life bar is refilled. Same pattern as for yetis, press Space to weaken and then kill the boss. Its life bar is purple and is located above the interface. Once the boss is killed, this appears:

[Wizard] Noooooooooooooo! My mixtures! My cauldron! Arrrgh, it burns!

[•] Press [spacebar] to collect the item. Bring it back to the starting point and press the key again to place it!

Go behind the sorcerer's cauldron, press Space. You will have an object on your back and will be teleported at the start. Go to the starting point and press Space again. This appears:

[Gerso] Yay! You have found one more missing piece of the tree! [#] item(s) to go and Christmas may be saved thanks to you!

There are 8 objects to gather:

  • 1st object: Seed
  • 2nd object: Watercan
  • 3rd object: Fertilizer
  • 4th object: Light
  • 5th object: Candy cane
  • 6th object: Bell
  • 7th object: Ornaments
  • 8th object: Star

You do not choose which object you bring, the game chooses for you in order.

You have 2x6 half-hearts of life. In fact, if the yetis will do small damages to you but the boss will kill you in just a few attacks.

Second part[]

The second part takes you to the second boss, in order to do that, you must do a series of emotes at the beginning of the cave, which is laugh, clap, sleep and cry. You must do it quickly as it teleports you a bit into the air.

[Gerso] Look! It is Santa right there... He is chained! Let's save him before he freezes!

[Gerso] W-what? Is that the evil wizard? We dropped him in the cauldron, how can he still be here?

[Wizard] Silly rat, you still do have a lot to learn about the mystic world. My cauldron had my most powerful mixture and it turned me into a stronger, smarter and faster being. This is your end.


[Wizard] Aaaaaaaaaaargh, how could you... My powers... My head... My hood! Give it back to me! Let me go! Aaaarrgh!

[Wizard] Muahahahahaha, Santa is frozen! Christmas is over!


Depending on the number of mice in the room, the number of monsters on each floor varies from 1 to 5.

Name Appearance Ability
Freeze yeti
Lua Chaostmas - ice yeti.png
Freezes mice.
Roar yeti
Lua Chaostmas - dark blue yeti.png
Throws 2 snowballs to push other yetis and mice.
Snow yeti
Lua Chaostmas - white yeti.png
Pushes mice in the opposite direction of the next passage block.
Wizard (boss)
Lua Chaostmas - boss.png
Throws bombs and sends breaths which, when they turn into drops of water, freeze mice like the freeze yeti.


Action Reward
Sit Sit-icon.png on the cauldron 1Inventory item #16
Clap Clap-icon.png on the gift mountain 1Inventory item #26
Cry Tear-icon.png at the spawn point 1Inventory item #30
Dance Dance-icon.png at the moon corner 1Inventory item #2234
Clap Clap-icon.png on the snow mountain 1Inventory item #14
Finish the first part

(Bring back the 8 objects)

Badge #257 (New)
Kill the first boss 15 times « Raclette »(415)
Kill the second boss 3 times « Snowball »(288)
Kill the second boss 5 times Cartouche #45 (New)

New items[]

Lua Chaostmas - new items.jpeg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Eye item #36 Homura's glasses Eyes 350 40
Hair style #66 Homura's braids Hair style 500 60
Head item #190 Firefighter's helmet Head 400 50
Fur #145 Deer Fur 5000 400 Badge #256


Lua - rire.jpg
  • "Gerso" was in fact the name of a baby bird for which Bolodefchoco #0095's friend used to take care. Unfortunately, the bird died. He named the elf "Gerso" as a tribute to make her friend less sad and to eternalize the bird.
  • As with every Lua event, this one was made by players:
  • Originally, the title for the first part was supposed to be "Snowball" and the title for the second part was "Raclette". However, because of an error in the event code, it is the contrary.




  1. Specified in a dialogue with Gerso when interacting with him