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Carnival Trio is a Lua event created by Bolodefchoco #0095 with art by Furianera #0015.

You have to collect the construction objects and decorations around the map and bring them to the Electric Trio stage in the middle of the map, then play back the correct sequence of typical Brazilian musical instruments to win the title reward.


For the event map to appear, there must be between 5 and 60 mice in a normal or vanilla room.

During the yellow stage, you must collect 55 construction objects scattered around the map. For the objects to count towards the yellow progess bar, you must deposit them by standing on the stage in the middle of the map and clicking the progress bar before the round ends.

The next stage is the purple stage. The gameplay is similar to the yellow stage but you collect 35 decorations instead of construction objects. Every 15 seconds, the decorations move locations. You can collect up to 6 decorations per round.

Play the correct sequence of musical instruments to get the title

The final stage is the Simon Says/memory stage. You must go to the stage and when you click on it, 8 musical instruments will appear. Once a sequence of 14 instruments have played, you must play them back in the correct order to win the title reward.



Construction objects[]

Carnival Trio construction 1.png Carnival Trio construction 2.png Carnival Trio construction 3.png Carnival Trio construction 4.png Carnival Trio construction 5.png Carnival Trio construction 6.png Carnival Trio construction 7.png


Carnival Trio decoration 1.png Carnival Trio decoration 2.png Carnival Trio decoration 3.png Carnival Trio decoration 4.png Carnival Trio decoration 5.png Carnival Trio decoration 6.png

Musical instruments[]


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