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Carnival 2014 is an event based off the Bahia Carnaval, a street festival that takes place every year in Salvador. This event first started on March 28, 2014 and ended on April 14, 2014. Badges were also first introduced in this event.

How to Play[]

You, along with the other mice, are placed inside a vehicle. The main objective for this map is to get to the other side of it while you are inside the vehicle to receive the cheese, with the help of the Shaman. There are grounds below the vehicle that will support it, however they do not appear all the time. Therefore, there will be some places the vehicle will fall without the grounds supporting it. To avoid this, the Shaman must find a way to go over the holes so the mice can avoid death and get to the other side. Many times, it involves balloons but other times, it involves planks and building bridges.



Image Item Cheese
Tail item #13 Berimbau 1,000
Head item #115 Senhor Do Bofim Ribbons 400
Mouth item #39 Tambourine 80
Fur #27 Toucan Fur 6,000


Badge Achievement
Badge #0 Complete the event map twice.
Badge #1 Complete the event map ten times.
Badge #2 Buy the Toucan Fur.


Title Achievement
« Carnaval 2014 »(317) Complete the Carnival map 1 time
« Churros »(318) Complete the Carnival map 20 times
« Partygoer »(319) Complete the Carnival map 30 times





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