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Carnaval de Rio 2017, also known as the Carnaval Adventure, is the fifth adventure of 2017.


This adventure focuses on utilizing the keys repetitively in order for players to reach the end of the parade. Players obtain Inventory item #2237 checkered flags by helping their float cross the finish line first. There were three tanks[1]/floats[2] in total. Every participant from the winning float earned consumables and checkered flags.


An example of a complication due to consumables

The objective of the adventure map is for players to make their float succeed in reaching the end of the parade before the other two floats do so. The three floats are themed as such: Cheese, Hats, and Shaman. Every player from the two losing floats die. Once a float reaches the finish line, all floats disappear. Designation for any one of these is completely random, but participation is still vital. If no mice leave or enter the room, every player’s placement in the floats remain consistent.

The winning float team is to be awarded with one checkered flag and random consumables from the ones available. Mice can spawn collidable consumables in order to speed up or slow down floats, be it their own or others’. This will sometimes lead to unexpected disasters. Some of the floats sporadically jump back or ahead, although this is merely client-side, in conjunction with a player’s overall ping. This explained an anomaly where a float may have appeared to win but ended up losing to another one.

Crane.png BugComplications

Type Description
Use of consumables might have led to the failure of every float (see top left).
Use of consumables might have manipulated the positions of the floats, lagging them behind.
Inventory 6 result.png
Consumables like snowballs might have fallen under floats, making them unable to have contact with the ground of the finish line to win the race.
On rare occasions, players might have been propelled out of their floats, resulting in their death.
Inventory item #2237 Sometimes more than one float team can earn checkered flags.

Event specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2237 Checkered Flag 50


Inventory item #2237 Reward
5 « Harlequin »(385)
10 1Consumable #801
15 Cartouche #11
30 Badge #133
50 « Partygoer »(319)

New consumable[]

Randomly awarded for completing event.

Image Name Color Effect
Consumable # 2349 Blue #52BBFB Paintbrushes allow you to draw on the map in a specific color within a limited radius until you die or the round ends.


Carnival 2017 new items.jpg

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #145 Pineapple hat Head 600 50
Ear item #34 Ear 600 80

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