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For the shaman technique, see Cannon jump.

Cannon Jump is a module. The objective of this minigame is to stay up as long as possible by cannon jumping. Everybody gets their turn at being shaman, so be patient!

If you find yourself having a hard time clicking so fast, Aeonian lets you use spirit 3 times. Aeonian is just one of the different game modes for you to try out, but be warned, the other ones aren't that easy. To choose your game mode, press M.

Bored of the plain background blue background with wood? Press H and pick your favorite theme!

Check out the leaderboard by pressing L! Want to spectate? Use !afk. If you find any bugs, feel free report them to Evilsantah.


  • Glitching on purpose will get you killed.
  • Hotkeys are not allowed, and can be detected.
  • Cannons only! Except for spirit in Aeonian.

Game modes[]


This game mode is the easiest and default one and all you have to do is cannonjump as long as you possibly can. You are allowed to use 3 spirits but using them will result in a lower score, so use them wisely.


Aeonian+ is the same as Aeonian except a bit tougher. You cannot use spirit in Aeonian+ and to make it a bit more exciting, you will be forced to dodge falling objects while you cannonjump.


In Zigzag the objective is to go back and forth (left, right, left, ...) as many times as you can while cannonjumping. You must spawn at least one cannon in the highlighted area to make it count as a "touch".


This game mode will require you to have developed the most accurate cannonjumping skills and a lot of agility! Just like in Aeonian+ you have to dodge objects only this time cannons will be fired from every direction right at you. So watch out! You are NOT allowed to go off-map. This will kill you!


There is no specific objective in this minigame, it is just for training. This game mode is only available in rooms outside *#cannonjump.