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For the module, see Cannonjump (module).

The cannon jump (or cnj for short), also known as cannon express, is the technique of using cannonballs as a method of transportation by launching mice in a specific direction.

On maps that the cannon jump can be used on, mice will usually yell "cannon," indicating that they want the shaman to use the standard cannon jump on them.

The high cannon jump is performed by a mouse/shaman, jumping and running into the top left/right corner of a cannon while midair, the velocity of the cannon, along with the mouse going in the opposite direction, propels the mouse upwards. This method is commonly used in survivor, for it can be used to get to higher platforms.

It can be useful on (vanilla) maps such as map 20, 21, 25, 30, 40, 44, 45, 52, 71, 76, 79, and 86.

How to use[]

The shaman must spawn the cannonball near the ground and near the mice's feet in order to launch them to somewhere else on the map.

The shaman must tell the mice to stand in the same spot as him or her by using the chat (see: trivia), arrows, or by using an indicator.


In the event of a misfire, steering is simply moving left, right, or jumping to get to the platform that you wouldn't reach by staying still.

Cannon positions[]

There are three positions to place a cannonball for different effects: standard, hop and high.

It is also possible to launch mice upwards by using the Mad Scientist skill.


Standard Cannon

The most commonly used and known version of the cannon jump, the Standard cannon jump. This is used by placing the cannon so that it sticks just above the ground behind the mice, and the very front of the cannon is below the mice's closest foot. It is used for quick and easy flying from one end of the stage to the other.


Hop Cannon

Virtually unknown in the world where mice roam the wooden earth, Hop is the least used version of the cannon jump. Hop is very similar to Standard, except the cannon is lower and concealed in the ground with its top just touching the surface. The front of the cannon is right beneath the mice's first foot. The Hop is used for casual 'hops' that cover 1/4 to 1/2 of the stage.


High Cannon

High is used more than Hop but less than Standard. The High cannon jump moves around the same distance as the Standard, however it's height is favored as it goes higher than the Standard, which helps for mid-flight steering. However, shamans use this rarely as it is harder to sweetspot and get a good cannon jump. The reason is the cannonball is deep in the ground, with the front below around where the mice's tail comes out. It is a bit more precise, and therefore harder to sweetspot. It's distance is from one end of the stage to the other, varying greatly on how the mouse steers.

If you are a mouse, time when the cannon is going to arrive, when it is about to come in contact, jump up and go in the opposite direction of the cannon, this will propel you upwards. Other players might jump with the cannons direction, then reversing direction.

If you are a shaman, time when the cannon is going to be summoned, then jump up a split second before the cannon is spawned while moving a bit against the direction of the cannon, propelling you upwards. This can also be done midair with enough practice.


  • It's tradition to say, "ALL ABOARD THE CANNON EXPRESS!" or just "cannon" before using the Cannon Express to let the mice know to stand ready.