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Bombs is a module. The objective is to place bombs to trap enemies and to kill them. Players can see enemy bombs if they are close to them, and have a life and energy, which can be reloaded by running. To be able to play, at least 2 players are needed, and to complete a mission, at least 5 players are needed.



Key Effect
Space Place bomb
1, 2, 3 Change the type of bomb to place
H Display the help
M Open the bombs' shop
L Remove/display the area with bomb's costs


Command Effect
!help Display the help
!shop Open the bombs' shop
!b1, !b2, !b3 Open the help on a bomb
!pw [text] Set/delete the password of the room. Only available to a player whose username is in the room's name (#bombs0[name]).
!lang, !lang [id] Display the available languages or change your language