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For the module, see Bombs (module).
For a list of maps with bombs, see Category:Bomb maps.
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A bomb is an exploding object that cannot be naturally summoned by the shaman. Bombs blast mice away from where it explodes after a set amount of time or bounces, or contact with a mouse. They have a tendency to throw mice off the stage and are generally considered obstacles; however, experienced mice may consider them a helpful to push them to their goal sooner.

Bombs are lighter than cannonballs and will not detonate before fixed amount of bounces, so a mouse could try to push bombs away given the bomb hasn't bounced enough.

Bombs are much like the balls that will explode on certain maps, such as in old map 25.

In older versions of the game, bombs would explode instantly on contact, but this was changed in a later update.

Crane.png BugMaps with bombs will occasionally spawn a bomb on a following map, even if that map should not itself spawn bombs. They will not explode unless the new map also contains exploding bombs.


  • Skill icon - Sheep.png Shaman skill Sheep let the shaman spawn a sheep that explodes after 3 seconds.
  • There is a cannonball skin that looks like a bomb: Cannonball skin #33.